Gynecomastia Surgery: What is the typical recovery time

As soon as the method of makeup, it will probably take to feel a little pain in the rearing ofthe hands and I feel a hardness moderate as well as pain in the chest muscles that are placed in 23 days per week. Eventually you given different teaching on the site of surgeryand drugs to generate guaranteed attention people. Each of the routines of normal form ofsociety could be resumed immediately after 2 or 3 days to weeks when moving largeregular activities will be limited probably about 46 days. The point of tension of theclothing is really the most important immediately after surgical treatment, you simply mustuse it immediately after the procedure in 90 days to reduce inflammation and help anotherform pectorals.

Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Time



Hematoma: can be connected a stack-up or extreme collection of pure blood that canoccur 1 10 days or weeks after surgery, in the majority of cases within the first 3 days,weeks, and that causes severe high inflammation and painful of the sinuses. Your breastsmay feel complicated and sensitive to the touch. Usually there are usually really blood onthe gauze. It is usually unilateral, but it can be bilateral.

The urgent appeal of serious situations and the next night treatment is appropriate in lessserious situations.


Treatment may be related to both versions. Working really with open treatment, woundneed to open as well as the obstruction of blood flow by means of hemostasis (stop bleeding). Another treatment is made by puncture. Using a counter of important feature inthe community of anesthesia of filling, obstructing blood flow as well as a few acute injuriesworking tend to be evacuated by the division as well as the drainage of the bloodcirculation. Sometimes the laser hair removal is only available if the obstruction of themovement of the blood liquefies within 2 to 10 days to weeks.


Seroma: is really a mixture of body as well as fruit juice liquid circulation blood elements. Itis very deliquescent appears with a minimum viscosity with red-orange color. Still just mightbe evacuated by aspiration syringe size important under anesthesia in the community.Seroma requires usually evacuations of several periods of 2-3 in 1 or two days immediatelyafter surgical treatment of gynecomastia.


Strain costume is essential for about 3-5 days of weeks immediately after the evacuation ofthe hematoma or seroma.


When the correct treatment, subsequently of side effects such as excess pore pressuresand skin, as well as the dye contamination tend to be unusual. It comes to methods ofprotection preventing blood loss by avoiding the formations of hematoma:


Incisions and sutures tend to get soaked in the tub. As soon as the 1 tank, the individual hasa Vaseline or possibly an identical item all over the chest muscles. The massage is essential3 times per day with regard to the minimum of 6 days. Rubbing to the bottom is only in themost important things to get effective recovery and the good results of the surgicaltreatment alone.


There is that much pain in adopting the method, and if the doctor will probablyrecommend analgesics. They recommend antibiotics in addition to avoid diseases andadditional problems.


Mobility is essential in the period of recovery, because it increases circulation andpromotion of therapeutics. Many people have difficulty with offensive move, but they haveto be chronic. Walk at least small steps will probably steer clear of the improvement relatedto the formation of blood clots.


The company and assistance connected with their loved ones and the family can beextremely critical in payback. A person who underwent surgical treatment of any Gyno auraproblem of knowledge in daily routines, maybe easy to perform. In addition to pain anddiscomfort, the individual can go through swings of mood, stress and anxiety, as well aspain. His family and his family help is essential in the sense.


In many cases, a person who received any surgery Gynecomastia is capable of operatingwith daily routines, approximately 7 days as soon as the method. In terms of sexual contact,the couple should not implement these people until the victim may feel list and insurance.


Activities such as tanning, floating, jacuzzis and saunas should be eliminated with respect tothree or four days. The reason for tanning can bring this complexion of long duration in theregions that had been wounded, as well as dirty drinking water would likely cause pollutionwhen the incision is not completely healed.
  • The surgery can be done on an outpatient basis.
  • The person will probably stay 1 or 2 hours within medicine before being released to allowrecovery through anesthesia.
  • Moderate pain or mild pain from muscle tissue of training tender really should immediatelyafter surgical treatment.
  • Compression bandages of clothing or data that will be as soon as surgical treatment tokeep constantly in place at another time to help treat crazy.
  • People certainly can work again each time that he / she may feel capable.
  • Hard physical activity is actually prohibited for a few days.
  • People are always advised to be effective in the recovery process.


No matter if you got chosen surgery Gynecomastia can be a problem individual and alsofeatures a plethora of things in every thought just this moment beyond attempting todiscuss (or still discussed) to do so.


Just a frequently contested question is really “what could be the amount of time that mustrecover thanks to our function of Gynecomastia?”


Always search for this article with favorite Ask the doctor ‘ of a site web, I ran across thatthe answer to this question is already not easy as it may seem. Apart from a few doctors togive answers to the question on the internet, not a single one of them was a commonresponse.
  • “at least a fortnight away possibly light activity
  • -“6 weeks.
  • -“generally, Gynecomastia surgery is indeed fully refundable within three to four weeks.


Another thing that most of these doctors carried out understanding agreement, eventhough he has been to ensure that each individual considering buying their surgery breastmale decreased physician wondered about most of these issues in depth because eachindividual can have different situations.


Although one might expect well through any incredibly elusive surgical treatment, you will find signs or symptoms to expect immediately immediately after surgical treatment. Pain,swelling and bruising will probably be eventually probably better connected surgeryprogramme. These types of signs or symptoms could limit in your chest muscles as well asthe chest in place, however, can also radiate along with mounted toward the abdomen withentry should be muscle tissue. These types of bruises will be darken with Redden in threeor four days or 1 week and then learn to lose the color (and I feel better) before mergecompletely within three or four days.


Inflammation of the device to write to the muscles of the chest as soon as the eradicationof Gynecomastia reduces about 2-3 days. Since edema tissue full image resolution isgenerally a few months. Probably caused by the treatment of surgery, it is visible within 3days, although you will be able to understand a great change through 1 night.


In situations where the male chest is actually important, usually there may be many poresand sagging skin, thereby increasing slowly but surely in a few months.


The sensation of the nipple may decrease immediately after surgical treatment. Normally it is a sensory with full momentary influence to wait in 6 to 8 days.


  • It is important to wear compression of data about four to six days following surgical treatment.
  • I work with our ride a few days a particular technical and massage reality almost any irregularity or out with his arms.
  • Do not consume more fluids that you should not at the same time as physical exercise a few days 1.
  • Keep your muscles from the shoulder to the rear and position standing.


In the case of the sticks to most of these rules, it is very possible that he perform quite well,history offers, without doubt, verified this type become legitimate. Let me keep our goodoffer all size Gynecomastia stop global surgical treatment. Need to maintain the judgmentof good treatment and so the end result is really something we can each still be satisfied.


It is likely that a large spring of the item of clothing must use immediately after surgicaltreatment in order to avoid any inflammation. The doctor gives different instructions howfrequently to assist in this type of garment. Stay calm. This can be from 90 days and evenbefore the swelling decreases, as well as the final results are to be obvious.


You‘ll be motivated to start walking in the envelope the night connected to surgicaltreatment. Early ambulation (moving) reduces your risk linked to own obstruction of bloodcirculation by applying its surgical treatment. The doctor provides you with differentteaching when you can return to work. You‘ll eventually recommended to help stay away from almost any hobby or activity task which could result in almost any shock to themuscles of items chest in relation to at least one month. The doctor may advise that youavoid sexual practice for a few days or two with great physical exercise for a few days.Make sure that you tend to be apparent in that you will be able together with can not bebefore deciding to leave the hospital or surgery support.


Sewing tend to be removed from method 1 or 2 days. We recommend that you avoid thescars of surgery to the light of the Sun in relation to at least a few months. Sun certainlyonce and for all can affect the complexion of the skin, leading to the surgical brand to helpdarken. In case of exposure to the Sun it is really intended to happen, using a waterproofsunscreen with water. Ask your doctor if he or she offers almost all the relevant elements toreduce scars.
Make sure that examine the recovery information of male breast reduction with your doctorat your request. The individual is able to complete people about details as well as the timeshould simply remove the reporting function. The doctor will probably report that likelymale breast, that you reject the dangers, including pollution, which may come in hisrecovery. Start your search for the appropriate doctor today.Then with respect to a period of thirty days, or perhaps a minor extent, will be in a new lifewithout experience Knight tits along. You can probably save your article of clothing datacompression, although many men use it in your time always to ensure that inflammationdoes not return to it. On this occasion, you can do cv exercises, your surgeon will probablygive you tips for getting started gradually together check the reaction of your bodystrongly.

3 to help a few months after the operation

Although it varies greatly across the victim to help the victim, almost all males containresults of long term around the six month mark. At that time almost all or most of the inflammation must be entirely extinct. This is when you can have an end with your surgeonas well as Gynecomastia is a point of the longer there for you personally.If you‘re similar to males, which was a good amount of research together with carried out abit to see your problem. I thought that no matter whether the male breast reduction isgood for the people, that they have obtained the ideal time to perform the procedure withappeared complicated for the good plastic surgeon. Take less time to make sure you knowwhat to expect during recovery, you will have to pay extra.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Covered Under Health Insurance ?

Assurance about Gynecomastia surgery probably is investigations often questioned and be seen here. It is a remedy different this mainly because different companies get different forms you insurance for claims of Gynecomastia surgery. In addition, short abdominal remedy will be all depends on, or to be more correct, “depends.” This can be anything that caution should be exercised in relation to the mainly because investment article on Gynecomastia surgery is covered by your current insurance and, then, you may be frustrated.

Medical Claim Denied Stamp Showing Unsuccessful Medical Reimbursement
Medical Claim Denied Stamp Showing Unsuccessful Medical Reimbursement

Precisely why you should search in surgery Gynecomastia as try hard to have insurance in case of Gynecomastia surgery?

There are several treatments to get rid of Gynecomastia, and surgery will be one in each of them. Is special and rewarding of surgery will be is special and customized. ? Data and Gynecomastia compression vest pills are cheap mass developed averages rather than custom for you personally. A medical expert who specializes in Gynecomastia probably will talk to someone, requires that your preferences into consideration and the actual intervention strategy. Experienced gynaecologist will also play current surgery to make the element of contour of the body and the current physiology. In addition to almost everything, it is not safe to get rid of Gynecomastia and thanks to practical skills, which is really all that you can pay for the item and for friends, is not just the selection. Is it possible by means of anesthesia for a totally different man who has a completely different image of the body.

For many people, Gynecomastia can cause critical health conditions. Often the tumors of the breast tissue following the acquisition can be and with several others are possible in severe pain. For most, the surgery is really a necessity. Just before receiving protection, your doctor is probably likely that, faced with an important research in their status and establish a person through extensive research and testing. The insurance undertaking will be the explanation that the surgery is really a necessity.

Gynecomastia Surgery Insurance

When not, it offers protection?

You can find a few degrees with Gynecomastia, and the majority of these levels, the end results are largely internal. Gynecomastia can easily crush any kind of self-esteem of man and very poor self-treatment as well as major depression. This can be anything tons, involving adult men go through, but via an insurance company outlook and perspective, which is not really valid believes protecting about Gynecomastia surgery.

Until you feel severe pain or you will find cancerous expansion, Gynecomastia surgery is known as a sort of aesthetic line of conduct and therefore is not really covered by insurance companies. 99% of the time, in this case as well as the physician connects the internal positive aspects, protection does not work, not really nothing less than with the main request. If you need protection for Gynecomastia surgery, your doctor should move the effects of laboratory research and testing in order to encourage the real signature of insurance to provide protection.

What happens if I am given up?

Very rarely would receive surgery Gynecomastia those around the main attempt to obtain sufficient data to their advantage the fort of protection approved. After the first waived, you will need your attractive selection and speak with your current physician-expert who will help you make your current situation for you personally.

Precisely why it is not included protection?

To be able to explain why is not on the protection of the many occasions, must be seen by a notice from the insurance company. This indicates generally Gynecomastia is considered to be a kind of aesthetic problem with regard to a single deadly green, and usually the element would normally be. Insurance companies consider highly likely that in the case which began to cover almost all cases of Gynecomastia surgery, other people comes into play and see in what concerns the protection of their cosmetic surgical procedures which suggest greater protection must be presented.

Change with Gynecomastia is almost always a benefit covered by insurance and might be appropriate for starting point. Gynecomastia may be caused by medications, grease, use of medical marijuana, as well as (in rare cases), tumors that affect their current hormonal balance.

Correction of Gynecomastia surgery is different from breast reduction for women surgery. The final ambition will vary for the reason that the breast reduction surgery aims to produce a small tits nice hunting with screening, roundness and horizontal location compared with real tits nipple to retract and group breasts.

Correction of Gynecomastia is intended to produce a tits search man with major developments in the skin of the envelope and the breasts of subcutaneous tissue.

Costs are generally between $5000-10000 $ according to the methods used (liposuction, immediate removal, involving two combos).

My spouse and I give an appreciation of discussion where I analyze everything, discuss your condition and provide you with pictures that you can do. After speaking of these types of articles, our company monitoring lighter probably almost all tariffs. Most of the corrections of Gynecomastia is carried out in our company’s medical collection authorized to be able to reduce their expenses and improve its current advantage. When you have a lot of breast tissue – in general really is fat mostly, Yes can delete this doing. Anaesthetists are not really professionals MDs and my spouse and I delight me around fast food with ours.

This action does not normally really given health care of cosmetic known as insurance. You expect that loans and recognize almost all the keys to credit cards. Any appointment online will be not correct, reason by which you can expect a free debate. So you can get the treatment lowest cost often visit a hosptal for example, Lenox Hill Hospital, which includes a course of training in surgery plastic. I could do it with less money. Note – current that you can have your own insurance – phone to see if the actual surgery – handling, that the sides are not. All the best.

I am something twice that the surgeon with option table (also with the helmet, the nasal cavity and cervico-facial surgery), have transformed the process > 25 long and cosmetic surgery. The breasts are will be very appreciated by his colleagues and individuals. Everything also big Apple find force medical Mag and Connolly, several advantages with the Big Apple that explains the better in my industry and professionals. I’m also the best specialists in the United States. I am leader of the past with the State of health of the company to the Big Apple and the Big Apple local plastic surgery society.

Zero insurance will pay for virtually every surgery unless it is really certified pre =.

That is why.

1. your current doctor should recognize really medically necessary.

two. Then, it comes in contact with your current insurer, giving them an analysis of the code and the proposed course of action code.

  • 3. the Royal insurance company will probably consider information, then
  • 5 arrive at a determination if your current insurance plan to address the issue.
  • 5. they will advise you your Dr. current if they recognize as good, not really.
  • (6) the, where the well seen, time real Dr. probably real surgery.
  • Dr. offers to do more surgeries are not urgent.
  • If the surgery is no doubt a crisis, he / she performs surgery. real, then passes through this method.

For this reason the ins companies want to buy full and you will find a partner, in the case where this exception ay to this rule. And, therefore, any person experiencing a health care professional. You can find out where to start.

The first task will be to organise your current insurance tips to know precisely what is first-hand and precisely what really is not true insurance mainly because different companies get suggestions from the other insurance plan insurance as regards surgery Gynecomastia. You will have a clear idea precisely on which almost all situations are exceptions. The next step is to talk to your doctor would be the perfect support that one can receive when corresponding with the insurance undertaking. Health professionals are probably more content for you help in your attempts to get rid of Gynecomastia and in truth, is not a standard situation with the company u. s. with plastic surgeons that Gynecomastia through two rank levels must be covered by insurance. Frequently, real doctors can begin a series of communications with all the company insurance for you personally and assistance of their statements with effects of laboratory research and other tests that could help you get sure about Gynecomastia surgery. Here are the main requirements specified by the majority of insurance companies so that you can get insurance for Gynecomastia surgery

Information that I list below is based on a collective research on existing insurance for insurance about Gynecomastia surgery but different societies of terminologies and slightly different expressions. The final consensus with all insurance companies are similar. To be eligible to receive assurances with respect to Gynecomastia surgery, you’ll want to meet all subsequent problems.

1st discussion with its medical expert is essential. Your expert doctor you need a complete history, so check the files before and grow ready to present this data. Firstly, the current medical expert no doubt analyze their current busts and discover the factors originally true Gynecomastia, for example functions damaged liver, by the use of drugs that contain estrogen, such as anabolic steroids. When any medical professional will do the so-called, eventually you described to a professional.

Your surgeon of choice can possibly with serious cases, also advise a kind of mammography, as well as the chest x-ray. This does not exclude the slightest possibility of muscle ab for a malignant tumour of the breast, but probably be exposed to true chest high. Once the current medical expert is aware of how many fatty and glandular tissue will be inside the busts, he or she can choose an ideal game of the medical approach to.

Do not hesitate to consult your current physician-expert any type of research may have during the initial consultation, as well as concerns about the proposed treatment, as well as the price in question. Method of treatment involving the Gynecomastia may be covered by the occupational health insurance – but the plans differ greatly. Discover the current insurance scheme, as well as your current service phone to be sure. You should be included, make sure you get prior approval created with the therapy proposed by your doctor.

Preparation for the actual surgery

The medical expert will provide you instructions only in which ready with regard to surgery, which includes advice on consume, consume and take medicines and vitamin supplements including.

Smokers should have the intention to quit smoking for at least one to two weeks prior to surgery and restoration. Smoking decreases blood flow and impair the proper healing. Therefore, consult the instructions of your surgeon.

Where your current surgery will probably be

With regard to Gynecomastia surgery will take place, usually as a possible course outpatient of action in serious cases, as well as those where there are several other medical problems obtained as fear, a doctor at night can be proposed. The surgery itself is usually taken about an hour and a half to make. However, much more important procedures could be extended.

Perhaps for surgery Gynecomastia as liposuction, surgery to remove the fat breasts but the tissues of mammary gland not true self-confidence, but also a mastectomy, a kind of surgery that involves removing the actual tissue under the breasts.

Endoscopy of mastectomy in which incisions are simply less unpleasant teeny and contain fewer occasions for restoration but the application is complete. Very well. Although the end man or woman that I mind that implies that he had something of a mastectomy was Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt No.

Different medical solutions incorporate liposuction assisted by mastectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy, devoid of stock laser lipolysis and liposuction laser-assisted liposuction. Keep in mind that the mastectomy often have problems of asymmetry of example of breasts, such as necrosis areola nipple, deformations of the hematoma, apparent SCAR and suspected infection by the medical damage. Well past and should be well informed, so they probably specifically involves what could be high price Gynecomastia surgery costs.

With the help of this surgery, they pay between $6000 and $7 500. It is perhaps simply a calculation because the actual costs can be determined by a medical facility, but instead of medical professional capacity which will likely surgery more medical expertise that will make the element.

Gynecomastia Surgery-What You Need To Know

Reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery separating different columns, such as cosmetic surgery, burning and hand. The second pillar is reconstructive surgery. It comes to restore the function of the damaged parts of the body, but also the creation of a common form of the body.



The use of reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is used as birth defects that are innate. Restoration of the surface of the body after an operation, for example, because of a tumor, an application domain. It comes after accidents or injuries also if it is possible to restore all of the functional and aesthetic, to rebuild that charge only low or even does not accept at least until now.

Methods of reconstructive surgery

Indications used reconstructive surgery, are very different. Methods must be relatively large to come here to the program. Even with reconstructive surgery is microsurgery of first choice medication. Techniques, where large areas of skin can be transplanted. With the help of very small instruments it is sometimes possible to reconstruct individual nerve fibers. All nerves can also be combined again, so it can regenerate. Muscles and tendons, skin and soft tissue, cartilage, bone and corrected and nerve is already mentioned.

Your chances of success

Surgery, such as the face or skin gets used, not 100% guaranteed success quote in the reconstructive. But the fact is even paralysis or loss of sensation of successful treatment can be sent. Constraints can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Modern techniques of the reconstructive surgery considerably since they are responsible that the prospect of a cure is possible in tumor surgery.

Treatment depends on, among others, knowledge brings to the surgeon, and so you can have an experience. The method of reconstruction must be selected correctly.

Popular is the success in reconstructive surgery for the function and the form loss, in operations-in addition to the discharge point.

Typical missions

In the breast area reconstructive surgery is the opportunity when, for example, after a tumor operation had removed a breast. The drug is transferred.

The skin often suffer from several operations after severe injury or burns, you want to restore form and function.

Acquired facial defects undergoing reconstructive surgery if the function and appearance can be improved or corrected. Indicators for such an intervention is only problems swallowing, chewing or talking.

Surgery is used in the genital area, when you perform a sex-change.

Gynecomastia/male breast reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical term that comes from the Greek and means “woman” looking breasts. The origin of the name is discussed rarely, given that the label is well known and widely used. Gynecomastia affects 40-60% of all men. It can occur on one side or on both sides. Various medications, substance abuse or different diseases can cause Gynecomastia-excessive development of male breasts, but it is not common to find no reason to a Gyno.

For men who suffer in self-esteem through Gynecomastia, a surgical removal plastic of consciousness for the body Big Mama relieve much better and sensitive.

Excess fatty tissue and the chest during operation and in case of excess skin also especially stated must be removed in order to get a flatter, firmer and breast mannlichere with better contour.

If you are considering an operation on the same thing, I tried to do together something important and interesting information for you to get an idea of the treatment and the schedule in the following lines.

Of course, not all questions are answered regarding the treatment of Gynecomastia fully because it is always depending on the circumstances.

Given that the Gynecomastia has a number of different properties and therefore also with very different techniques and variable costs and even your thoughts and desires are very different, ask for your understanding that we cannot take an indication equivalent to the cost of treatment or treatment recommendations, either by phone or via email.

You have enough time to ask all your questions, in the context of the first clinic and I’ll try to give you a full lighting.

The first clinic is an act medical long objectively and independently of the will of a treatment contract.

My main goal as a plastic surgeon and my team is plastic surgery, her experience with plastic surgery-safe, easy to create successful and enjoyable as possible. So, I’m working with a commitment.

Frequently asked questions about gynecomastia

That patients are best suited for a correction of gynecomastia?

  1. How to schedule my surgery for gynecomastia?
  2. Each operation involves certain risks-such as in the case of a correction of gynecomastia?
  3. How should I prepare for my surgery for gynecomastia?
  4. How is the operation and how anesthesia procedure
  5. use?
  6. How to perform the operation for gynecomastia?
  7. It will happen after the surgery and I have been in it?
  8. Is the Gynecomastia surgery?
  9. What will be my new look?

Which patients are best suited for the correction of gynecomastia?

A correction of Gynecomastia may be mentally stable and healthy men of all ages. Best correction is possible in patients with fixed and elastic skin that adapts perfectly to the new contours of the body.

The operation is not suitable for stark to improve overweight men who have already tried the problem with Gynecomastia with reduced weight or sport.

Also patients who use too much alcohol or marijuana, not suitable candidates. These medicines and steroids can cause gynecomastia. Patients with units of this first type to the consumer to determine if the size of the breasts are reduced and then consider surgery.

How to schedule my surgery for gynecomastia?

His first visit in my coordination is very important. I’m going to make a complete history, physical examination and digital images. If you want to give results, be able to diagnose the meanings.

Useful to study if tissue breast gland specific or more fat tissue. To clarify the causes of Gynecomastia as a deterioration of liver function, necessary medications containing estrogen or anabolic steroids. If it is an internal problem will refer you to a specialist for clarification.

In particularly serious cases, it may be necessary to perform a mammogram or ultrasound before surgery. These surveys may exclude small relative risk for breast cancer, but the composition of the breast (mammary gland tissue/FAT) can be solved very well.

With the results of ultrasound (ultrasound) or mammography, the surgical technique that gives the best results with scar less better plan.

I put special emphasis on all the outstanding issues that must be resolved before the operation, and they have a great chance as a patient think before any benefits, but also on the potential risk for Gynecomastia surgery.

Indexed medical cases the insurance company buying part or all of the costs the operation, I clarify this happy relationship in his presentation at my clinic.

Each operation involves certain risks-such as in the case of a correction of gynecomastia?

In the hands of experienced surgeons are complications of this operation very rare or very small. Facilities can occur with extreme caution and best OP a course of complications in each operation, such as:

  • -Wound infection
  • -Problems healing
  • -Hematoma bleeding,
  • -Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • -Thickening of the scars.
  • -Pigment change
  • -Asymmetry
  • -Skin irregularities
  • -Asymmetry of the nipple and areola
  • -The operation
  • -Fixed with strong asymmetry

The frequency and the risk of complications are of course also depends on the situation and your lifestyle (obesity, diabetes, smoking, …)

Reduced sensitivity the breast, the nipple or the areola can last up to one year after the operation.

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How should I prepare for my surgery for gynecomastia?

Your manager surgeon will give you specific recommendations to better prepare the operation.

Smoking to reduce the number of daily cigarettes at least a week or two before the operation and after the operation of Gynecomastia in the first phase of wound healing.

Smoking affects blood circulation and hampered by an injury to heal considerably.

Therefore it is very important to take into consideration the recommendations to ensure a healing of the wound without problems as possible after Gynecomastia surgery.

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How is the operation and what the procedure for anesthesia?

The operation is a recognized private-hospital with a surgical suite fully equipped, modern, so that more modern equipped rooms and patient rooms.

Operation in general anesthesia is usually performed only when such special or very small indications are also local anesthesia with sedation regard can be considered. Depending on the results and his well-being after the operation, eliminate the Gynecomastia with the clinic day, or as part of a short hospitalization 2 days is possible.

This is the great advantage if the operation is performed in a hospital equipped with a camera, the hospital is your safety the safety of my patients in all aspects in the foreground and not smear introduced during the operation or recovery and postoperative phase.

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How to perform the operation for gynecomastia?

If the breast enlarged consists mainly of breast gland tissue, it must be removed with a scalpel or scissors. Plus, you can place a small incision in the skin at the edge of the areola and the distance to it. This cut can be used so that you can also do a stretching of the skin. The scar is located at the edge of the areola in both cases and should be viewed later. In addition, a liposuction level of the plan. Gland removed tissue should be examined (histological) cases to prevent breast cancer.

As a result of a liquid flow drainage is inserted into the wound. The drain can be removed usually on the first and the fourth postoperative.

If Gynecomastia is comprised mostly of fatty tissue exclusively or can be removed with liposuction-liposculpture.


To do this, several were carried out 2 mm small dots of the aspiration of the skin, cannula can be introduced.

With the help of special cannulas fat tissue can be removed carefully and sought an optimal reduction of the skin. Although very rarely and only in good vintages worthy of Gynakomastien excess skin treatment back.

After surgery, a t-shirt from the special compression for 6 weeks must be used at all times for better support to this process that shrinks and get a surface smooth and harmonious.



what happens after the operation, and how you will feel after surgery Gynecomastia?

It features Gynecomastia with knife or removed by liposuction Gynecomastia-liposculpture. Operation, do you ever feel mild pain for a few days, but for a good analgesic treatment will be prescribed. In a clinical procedure of the day, of course, you need someone from the clinic the retrieval and brings the car home and EV. Originally posted by two or three days for the hand is.

There will be first a little swollen and they have a discoloration of the Hematoma (blue), where the result can be detected not also after the operation. As soon as possible to reduce the swelling and shrinking of the skin in an optimal way to support compression to t-shirt for 6 weeks day and night. Blue discoloration and swelling will disappear in the next few weeks, and the result is still visible after removal of Gynecomastia, but have to wait about 3 months and sometimes more-depending on initial findings-before the final score is achieved.

During this time, he must return to a normal life. After about 3-5 days, access to the professional activity is possible again (depending on the profession, but sometimes later) and after 6 weeks, no sport you can practice again.

Exposure to the Sun the stitches should be avoided in the first half, u or exposure to the Sun is unavoidable, use sunscreen (SPF 50).

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What will be my new look?

Big tits male plastic surgery-Gynecomastia can improve the appearance and thus increase your body awareness and confidence.

Before you opt for surgery, must reflect on their decision and discuss your expectations for the operation I. A detailed examination and assessment of the situation in my ordination is necessary to compare your expectations with the possible. So I can give you the exact costs that are oriented towards the method of operation and efforts, a price affordable and simple so that you always my goal.

The result is permanent and significant after the operation. If your expectations are realistic, you will be very happy after the operation with the result.

If you want to make an appointment at the doctor:

Gynecomastia Surgery | Male Breast Reduction

Men are mainly for their man boobs very often seen as a symbol of gay and chided the weight. Media leak pictures of Mark Latham in 2004 the breasts “trembling, as he ran from door to door, during a game of cricket. For many men, Gynecomastia, the reality is, however, is not to be easy. Is that more shameful suffering can weaken confidence and uncomfortable approaching a physical activity.

What is gynecomastia?

There are two types of Gynecomastia: more breast tissue or excess fat tissue. In some cases, it may be a mother than others. But really, no one knows exactly why they developed Gynecomastia in humans and others do not, to be treated in a variety of ways.


Solve the problem

For men, the development of Gynecomastia, fat, lose weight, and companies with a diet of regular exercise program can solve the problem. In some cases, surgery may be an option. Liposuction is used to remove excess of fatty tissue, and if applicable, excess skin can be removed with the breast well formed and organized.

In cases where the cause lies in the development of breast tissue, diet and exercise are not enough, but the operation is very effective for this type of gynecomastia. First, excess breast tissue is removed with a scalpel and then takes a compression bandage, while the body heals.

The operation is relatively fast, with two types of for two hours under general anesthesia. One night may be necessary in some cases, but others have to stay a few days.

Recovery time can be different depending on the case. Where you have excess skin, and they are removed, this is the first week of the rest of the most difficult and the movement must be minimal at this point to reduce the risk of bleeding. After this time is that they can understand quickly restore the State and light, resumed after three weeks.

Most important is to find a surgeon, you feel probably with and take their time to explain the procedure and treatment in detail. Do some research before the first has a list of questions with you. a good surgeon will take the time to answer all. Develop a good relationship with your doctor is important and will help you to feel comfortable in the process and beyond.


Also longer before surgeons and after it’s shot and this will help you to understand how the work not only as a surgeon, but also can reasonable be expected it so. ”

Where to get help?

Research of a physician, one for you can be difficult, and you want to try some.


Gynecomastia breast tissue are among boys or men, swelling caused by an imbalance in the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes irregular. Infants, children in puberty and older men may develop Gynecomastia due to regular changes in hormone levels, but there are also other reasons as well.

Gynecomastia is usually not a serious problem, but it is always difficult to meet. Men and boys in Gynecomastia sometimes chest pain and can be troublesome.

Gynecomastia can, on its own. If the problem persists, drugs or surgery can help.

  • Symptoms
  • Signs and symptoms of Gynecomastia are:
  • Inflammation of the mammary gland tissue
  • Breast tenderness
  • When a doctor
  • See your doctor if you:




Secretion in one or both breasts


Gynecomastia is triggered by a decrease in the hormone testosterone into estrogen. The conditions under which block the effects of testosterone can be the cause of this decline, or reduce or condition that can increase your estrogen levels. Several things can change the hormonal balance, including the following.

Natural hormonal changes

Hormones testosterone and estrogen control the development and maintenance of sexual characteristics in men and women. Testosterone male control, such as body hair and massive muscle properties. Estrogen controls the woman’s features, including the growth of the breasts.

Most people think that you only, but an estrogen also produced men-also usually in small quantities. But male estrogen level is too high or imbalance with testosterone levels can gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia in children. More than half of the men, estrogen is born with breast expanded due to the impact of his mother. Tissue breast cancer and inflammation usually disappear within two to three weeks after the birth.

Gynecomastia during puberty. Caused by the hormonal changes in puberty Gynecomastia is due, it is relatively common. In the majority of cases disappear swollen breast tissue without treatment within six months to two years.

Gynecomastia in men. The prevalence of Gynecomastia peaks in the age between 50 and 80 for at least one of the four men are affected during this period.


Some medications can cause gynecomastia. It is:

Anti-androgen is used to treat enlargement of the prostate or cancer, and other diseases. Examples are flutamide and finasteride (proscar), spironolactone (Aldactone).

Anabolic and androgenic.

AIDS medicines. Box with Gynecomastia in HIV-positive men with HIV, i.e., a plan that highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to develop. Efavirenz (Sustiva) most commonly associated with Gynecomastia than any other HIV drugs.

  1. Anxiolytics, such as diazepam (valium).
  2. Tricyclic antidepressants.
  3. Antibiotics.
  4. Medication for wounds that cimetidine.
  5. The treatment of cancer (chemotherapy).
  6. Drugs for the heart that digoxin (Lanoxin) and calcium antagonists.
  7. Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Gynecomastia in children.
  8. Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Gynecomastia in children.
  9. Drug alcohol and street

Substances that can cause Gynecomastia is:






Animal health conditions

Several conditions can cause Gynecomastia in the normal balance of hormones. It is:

Hypogonadism. Each of the conditions that prevent normal Testosterone production that the pituitary gland or Klinefelters syndrome, may be associated with gynecomastia.

Aging. Gynecomastia, especially in obese people going on peut hormonal changes with normal aging.

Tumors. Some tumors that produce the testicles, adrenal or pituitary gland, hormonal female male hormones change.

Hyperthyroidism. In this situation, it generates a lot of thyroid thyroxine.

Kidney failure. More than half of those who try the experience with hemodialysis common Gynecomastia caused by hormonal changes.

Liver failure and cirrhosis of the liver. Hormonal fluctuations in relation to problems with the liver, but also of the drugs for patients with cirrhosis are taken, associated with gynecomastia.

Malnutrition and hunger. If your body is a good diet, reduced levels of testosterone and estrogen are kept this hormonal imbalance remains constant. Gynecomastia can also occur if the resumption of normal power.

Herbal products

Vegetable oils have been using Lavender or oil of tea tree, shampoos, soaps and creams, associated with Gynecomastia in total. This is probably due to its weak estrogenic activity.

See also

  • Hypogonadism in males
  • Risk factors
  • Risk factors for Gynecomastia is:
  • Age of youth
  • Greater age

The use of steroids anabolic or androgenic to improve athletic performance

Some health problems, including diseases of the liver and kidney, thyroid, hormonal active tumors and Klinefelters syndrome disease


Although there are some physical complications with Gynecomastia connected, with mental/emotional problems caused by the appearance of the the cause of this condition.

Research and diagnosis

Your doctor will give you questions about your medical and drug history and what health conditions in your family. The doctor is also a physical examination, which may include a thorough evaluation of the breast tissue, stomach and genitals.

First tests to determine the cause of the Gynecomastia may include:

Blood samples


You can even more necessary first evidence, including the results of the tests:

Chest x-rays

Computed tomography (CT)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Testicular cancer ultrasound

Tissue biopsies

Conditions that cause similar symptoms

You want to be sure your doctor for you, swelling of the breast is Gynecomastia and not another disease. Other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, including:

Breast fat tissues. Men and boys have Gynecomastia chest fat is similar. This is called false Gynecomastia (pseudo gynecomastia) and is not the same as gynecomastia.

Breast cancer. It is common in men, but it can happen. An increase in the chest or the presence of a nodule solid poses concern for male breast cancer.

Breast abscess (mastitis). It is an infection of the breast tissue.

Drugs and treatments

Gynecomastia during puberty. Malnutrition and hunger.

Gynecomastia during puberty. Malnutrition and hunger.

Most cases of Gynecomastia returns over time without treatment. But if Gynecomastia is caused by an underlying disease, hypogonadism, malnutrition or liver cirrhosis, this condition need treatment. If you take medication, it can cause Gynecomastia, the doctor may recommend that you stop or another medication replaced.

Young people without obvious cause that can Gynecomastia, regular Revaluations doctor recommended every three to six months, to see if the condition gets better on their own. Often go Gynecomastia without treatment within two years. But can the treatment be necessary if Gynecomastia is not on its own to improve, or if it causes him great pain, tenderness or fix.


Medicines for the treatment of breast cancer and other diseases, such as tamoxifen and raloxifene treated can be useful for some men with gynecomastia. Even if these drugs of the food and Drug Administration is approved, they were not specifically approved for this program.

Operation excess breast tissue removal

If you still breast significantly although boring extension for initial treatment or observation, your doctor may recommend surgery. Two types of operations used to treat Gynecomastia:

Liposuction. This breast surgery removes the fat, but not if the gland breast tissue itself.

Mastectomy. This type of operation remove the breast tissue. Operation performed often at the foot of endoscopy, of used small incisions. Less invasive surgery is less recovery time.

See also


Administration and support

For a man can be stressful extended breasts his dishonesty. Gynecomastia can be difficult to hide and a challenge to love relationships. While Gynecomastia puberty boys can be teased by their peers. It can be traumatic activities such as swimming or the change of physical education class.

You can feel what your age, how the body betrayed, and feel pleased with herself. These feelings are normal, but there are some things you can do to help you:

Get advice. You can avoid the psychotherapy, anxiety and depression caused by gynecomastia. It can help to inform the members of the couple or the family so that they know, understand what’s going on.

Join your friends and your family. You can feel the Gynecomastia is embarrassing, with people, talking about him. But explain your situation and ask for help probably will strengthen your relationships and highlight the construction.

Connect with others who have gynecomastia. Call help you with people who can be a similar experience to deal with. Sites like offer a forum to communicate with other people who have the disease.


There are some factors that control, which can reduce the risk of Gynecomastia:

Do not use illegal drugs. Include steroids and androgens, amphetamines, heroin and marijuana.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Do not drink alcohol or drink very little.

Check medications. If you know cause Gynecomastia, take medications, ask your doctor if there are other ways.

Plastic surgery recovery

In addition, the treatment of Burns, consists the treatment of Hand injuries and disorders of the hand, in addition to the cosmetic surgery-mistakenly called cosmetic surgery for the most part of reconstructive surgery a restoration of the body surface. A classic example is the treatment of tumors in the skin. It comes after the complete removal of a Hauttumores, this lack of slamming doors, so that there is no change of function of the body. But it is also important to this so that it’s just so aesthetically good. In my time on the Horn clinic Heath got the basis for dealing with this perfect especially when tumors on the face. In my time as a senior with the help of a plastic surgery clinic is the focus of my work today. More examples of reconstructive interventions are also corrections of the scar, but also aesthetically and functionally perfect as well benign tumors of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, or the treatment of open wounds. . “Also the atheroma-popularly called, atheroma, remove” benefit from my years of experience in plastic surgery.

I admire the restored chest, rave about the excellent correction of deformity or an effective correction of scars, enjoy a last healing wounds.

On the cosmetic surgery involves surgery basic hand and reconstructive plastic restoration of bodily functions. For bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles,

Nerves, tissues, the skin of each client in the best possible way.

Need hand surgery is as individual as the people

A third suffering from new diseases are treated a third already without satisfactory results; about 30% are suffering from pain, damage caused by radiation, not healing not errors or consult specialists due to the devastating diagnosis.

Each case requires a high knowledge of the plastic surgery restorative to the transition from all disciplines and a doctor who is really for the client.

ETHIANUM Heidelberg hospital specialists set the myriad of methods. Share knowledge with colleagues anywhere in the world, questioning, optimize their approach again. And take advantage of good conditions on the ground to provide first class drugs.

Our themes of reconstructive plastic surgery at a glance:

Plastic surgery is a procedure that is carried out on the organs and tissue fragments or other visible parts of the body. Plastic surgery is used for the improvement and restoration of various parts of the body. “Plastic” comes from the Latin from the Greek and means literally “malleable”. Hop the clock or the appearance of plastic surgery is located in India, where, in the year 1200 BC., developed a method to restore his nose amputated the skin on the forehead. This method is called “Indian nose” plastic surgery. Also in the old Egypt has sewn through life (about 1 350 BC, at 18 dynasty) when the mummy is, ears.

Plastic surgery-cosmetic reasons or functional printer

Plastic surgery is often visited by people who want to do a face lift on the body, it is a breast enhancement, anti-wrinkle firming, lips or similar spray. Plastic surgery covers a part of the body from head to toe. These operations are made not only due to purely aesthetic or cosmetic, but also serve as a collection of several organs, parts of the body are disfigured from birth or an accident and that the man so bad feels uncomfortable or suffer mental. Many patients can afford this operation, which does not offer plastic surgery, but because of the costs incurred by the health insurance fund.

Several main directions-plastic surgery

Because there are several reasons to have plastic surgery, is divided into several main directions:

Cosmetic surgery is a very common and popular in the application of plastic surgery. This operation is the change in the form of surgery which is not of the medical aspect, but only at the request of the patient. This intervention in the family is called “plastic surgery”. The operation was known before 1400 years, but only reached its peak in the 19th century. Since then, is a life without plastic surgery more conceivable for one or the other. Plastic surgery can take risks with it. The formation of scars, pain, stiffness and swelling in the plastic surgery can not exclude, but can be kept low the correct pre-and post-processing. It is especially important that the risk carefully previously discussed with the patient.

Plastic surgery-recovery through reconstructive surgery features

Even surgery plastic or reconstructive surgery focuses on the restoration of the functions of the body, which is no longer in a normal state after an accident, a malformation. This help measures carried out more than 1,500 years of plastic surgery. The removal of a tumor, the correction of anomalies and transplant nerves or tendons that are typical surgical in reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery).

Also discusses plastic surgery surgery Burns, is for the treatment of acute and intense burning in specialized centers. Day shall apply, including methods of reconstructive surgery.

Hand surgery is plastic surgery, but is also often used in Traumatology and orthopedics. Daily tasks for surgery of the hand covered with injuries, diseases, and deformities.

Medical measures of trauma in the area “plastic surgery”.

In the surgery of trauma patients are treated first at the operational level, to have suffered major damage caused by an accident.

Aspects requires maximum concentration and good eye. This program is for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and extensive reconstructive surgery. You are going to use if the teacher through the tissue to be transplanted. More precision and a strong instinct is required here. Vessels and nerves must measure 1 to 2 mm in aspects, this program is done using a microscope. Generally called surgery, plastic, is considered to be a great, great job integrated, where he recorded with care the wishes of patients and patients in the majority of cases a wide and confident smile on your face and in your heart.

Plastic surgery different sculptures

The plastic is also called the cross-operational where organs and parts of the fabric, training in “plastic surgery”. You can find the following sculptures orthopedics and trauma surgery: a group of free air plastic used a strong stretch of the, so it later is not chronic instability. This hangs together with the outdoor Ribbon ankle tendon. removes a compact bone that develops. This OS is also often called ‘ Ganglia ‘. Fabric hiking plastic is a rarely used in plastic surgery. Then sewn flaps of skin by a body (usually from the stomach) and under the arm until it is healed. Then these flaps of skin in the forearm was removed and used to cover a the fault of the skin of the face. Today he works in the field ‘ plastic surgery ‘ with plugins, which improves the duration of the treatment. Cruciate ligament broke in collaboration with half the plastic of the tendon muscle when a ligament crossed and muscular plastic half membranous replaced.

Different parts of the body where the plastic surgery done action

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost – Why Do I Have Man Boobs



(Nickname) Gynecomastia in male mammary fat deposits to be understood or is a

Male breast enlargement. This can lead to genetic predisposition

hormonal reasons or, in rare cases caused by drugs and

certain diseases are presented.

In some men this leads already to puberty to a not atypical,

But but ugly breast male expanded, in other cases this happens

Development with the progressive aging process.


In a pure form of fat (pseudo gynecomastia), loosen the fabric and

the excess of adipose tissue with a thin needle aspiration. The skin fits the

The silhouette of flat chest in the healing process. When removed, the problems in

the region in the chest through these low complication and pain free procedure duration

The result is a flatter, firmer and a form of chest removed.

Excess is a Gynecomastia caused by gland development

More responsible for the gland tissue in the chest. In addition to normal

Liposuction is the drug are also deleted.



In a personal and confidential conversation, we can go into their wants, needs and requests. Dr. Frank With advises and specialist specialist surgery Gynecomastia in Munich-individually, as shown in the staff before and after pictures of my mom reductions made for men, and answers to your questions on risk fundamentals of Gynecomastia, the price of a breast reduction when the man, but also support can the cost of operation of Gynecomastia by German health insurance.

Is for a breast reduction in men (gynecomastia) outside of Munich

For patients who are not in Munich, we offer you a consultation and treatment at our treatment center for the reduction of breasts in men and Gynecomastia.

Just take a deal-I hope!

Detailed information about breast reduction in men

Here you will find all important information about breast augmentation of the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery:

Gynecomastia is benign hypertrophy of male breast glands in the chest of a man by the name of. Plastic surgeons to distinguish this true Gynecomastia and pseudo Gynecomastia, it translates the increase in the breast of fat only. Pseudo Gynecomastia developed often overweight or obese, while the true Gynecomastia is usually due to errors in the hormonal balance. In particular, Gynecomastia and age pubertal Gynecomastia should be separated in true gynecomastia. Puberty Gynecomastia is caused by a temporary surplus of estrogen in the muscle tissue and fat. In puberty is the chest of this man back. The age that the Gynecomastia may have several causes. It may be due to take certain medications or liver, kidney and testicular diseases. Very rarely, a tumor can cause increased. The absence of male hormones or excess of female hormones can also cause breast enlargement. Sometimes chest formed man when the drug or the disease is long. But surgery, Gynecomastia age and pseudo Gynecomastia is often to get rid of a useful way to male chest.

Preparation for gynecomastia

Preparation for Gynecomastia consists of two parts:

-Confidence debate personal and consults with the Director of the clinic, the agreement details, features and capabilities, questions and wishes of the patient and they discussed the possible risks and complications.

-L ‘ blood chemistry laboratory examination should reveal something about liver and kidney function, heart, circulation, metabolism and the condition of the blood condition. Maybe it’s even an electrocardiogram.

Treatment of Gynecomastia/treatment of the chest of the man

Gynecomastia surgery lasts between one and two hours. The variation in the duration of operation will depend on if only do liposuction or if you cut the portion of the chest.

Liposuction surgeon makes an incision under the breast wart or armpit and present through a thin vibrating tip, so excess fat is extracted.

If the chest of the man was caused by hypertrophy of the mammary glands, the complicated surgery is required. Excess glandular tissue is cut by a cut in the shape of Crescent Moon at the bottom of the nipple. After the operation is used often to ensure drainage to a better flow of wound secretions. Use a bandage around chest compression support in the healing process. This procedure can be done with a liposuction.

The impressive during the treatment of Gynecomastia in the breast man

Gynecomastia is usually in operation under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is useful if only a small amount of fat that needs to be eliminated.

The possible complications of Gynecomastia/treatment of the chest of the man

No doctor can guarantee the success of Gynecomastia and absolute risk. General risk of medical procedures, such as infections, blood clots (blood clot formation), embolism (vascular obstruction, for example, by deportes blood clots), has become very rare thanks to the development of medicine. Other possible risks include scars, the formation of scars and temporary numbness.

Bleeding is very rare. Less bruises usually disappear a couple of weeks with one or two.

After Gynecomastia surgery

After the operation is a two or three day stay in the clinic.

Threads can be removed after about a week.

You can get it back a week to work, but three weeks of intensive physical activities. Exposure should avoid the Sun and solarium for 3 months.

The result of the operation, Gynecomastia is visible in at least 3-4 months.

“True Gynecomastia” (Gynaecomastia vera) is the presence of breast tissue in males. 50% of all men more nest of breast tissue detected behind the areola which can increase significantly influenced by the female sex hormones.

In addition to the growth of the breast can be woven, but also increases the fat. If this is the case, talk about a “fake Gynecomastia ‘ (pseudo Gynecomastia. It is especially a hybrid, but there are so many breast gland tissue and fat gain.

It produces more often true Gynecomastia during puberty (65%). During puberty, the production of hormones in the testes begin to even the precursor to estrogen estradiol is made in addition to testosterone, the young man. rise often faster that the concentration of testosterone, which species of existing breast tissue grows tall, and going to the Gyno. After having achieved the maturity the shape of the breast still to a great extent yet again, drop can sometimes materialize but despite normal hormone levels.

There are several reasons that lead to the formation of Gynecomastia:

Physiological causes (newborns, during puberty, age)

Gynecomastia after massive weight loss

disease-related causes (reproduction, disorders of the thyroid gland tumors, etc.)

Gynecomastia caused by the consumption of drugs and medications (steroids, cytostatics, etc…)

unknown causes

Gynaecomastia vera and pseudo Gynecomastia unfortunately no medical explanation is in 80% of those affected.

real Gynecomastia with Muskmanner, who pointed to the growth of the breast, should, therefore, a physician, who must identify all possible causes of Gynecomastia related to disease. It is basically a detailed history of the case and a specific blood test do hormonal status. You can omit the pathological reasons, nothing in it as a surgical correction.

The removal of breast tissue in real Gynecomastia applies in Austria of the social institutions, because men with glandular tissue of the breasts, but with less likely that women have breast cancer.

Vision correction surgery involves the removal of the mammary glands and increase of the existing fat tissue. In this case above all together. Almost always the fat must be removed for aesthetic reasons in the surrounding regions to ensure a smooth transition environment without the formation of phases. This surgical step is often ignored the reason why many OP from the aesthetic point of view the results that can be.

Unfortunately again, this part of the operation of insurance usually unpaid.

Of course the expression of Gynecomastia are subject to fluctuation of the fort in single and eventually to find people who are interested, to what extent interfere with the appearance and if needed surgical correction.


Despite the slim overall look and sporting activity can cause enlargement of the male breast. Thanks to an increase of activity in the mammary glands, due to genetic factors, but also to take hormones or even old age, suffer many men and boys extension of breast cancer. This is felt by many in its aesthetics as very disturbing.

Men often feel so impaired and suspended. Go to the swimming pool, the sauna, sports or other Show torso naked be avoided as much as possible. A chest man through clothing is often observable or visible. The aesthetics of the woman in the chest of a man is also very strong and broad chest for a man is often interpreted as a weakness. The chances of success for a correction of the breast of the male are very good. Male chest is reduced and highlighted in its form. The satisfaction is very high for Gynecomastia surgery.


Men also have the opportunity for the development of the mammary glands. The formation of breast cancer have no place, and the system in mammary glands are in phase in the development of the child. It will be an extension of the mammary system, called gynecomastia. It can occur on one or both sides of the male breast. Also within the framework of a so-called pseudo Gynecomastia Gynecomastia occurs usually.


A speaker of a pseudo-gynecomastie, if there is a proliferation of fat tissue in the male chest. This can have several causes such as obesity, genetics, hormones affect or they are also related to age for the debut. It is possible that there is a pseudo Gynecomastia with a Gyno.


It mainly for cosmetic reasons and of aesthetics, who took on the chest to correct. No holds barred with shirtless to show that the most common reasons are the clothes in the sport in the atmosphere of the sauna. Ideally, the intervention planned in the cold season, because after correction of male chest for a while, there must be a special vest.


Step 1-anesthesia in gynecomastia

The operation takes place in a brief general anesthesia and medication suits you personally. On request, you can delete the form anesthesia with our anesthesiologist in a personal conversation.

Step 2-application of the chest of a man/correction of gynecomastia

Your comfort and well-being in our approach is in addition to the security. The operation lasts one to two hours and is generally ambulatory. A Gynecomastia due to excess fat, the fat of the breast is reduced with targeted recovery. Liposuction is performed in small cuts and thus made sure to focus on the shape of the male breast. A natural and optimal result is achieved by this procedure. Body tissues mammary glands should remain after the resumption, it can be removed in most cases, there is no more than once in the same breast, traumatic. Unsightly scars are unobtrusive and often invisible, which is especially important for men. There is a very high increase of male breast cancer, streamline more may be required. At the end, you get a special attachment compression t-shirt. They use this in 3-4 weeks.

Step 3-the results and follow-up

Also, it provides the best so to support income, specific instructions on the care you guys later also notes on the common signs and symptoms of possible complications.

In the first three or four weeks after the surgery, a compression corset. It is a flexible jacket that may occur after the first few days to take a shower.

From the first day after the operation, you can take a shower.

In the early days after surgery, pain relievers can be useful. Pain corresponds to a distinct muscle pain in the chest area.

The seams are after about 14 days of distance.

A can be used to support the healing of scars.

Its movement is restricted, in addition, avoid heavy lifting.

Sport light is allowed after a month.

The result is displayed after about 3 months.

I’m looking forward to you!

Gynecomastia Treatment & Management

Liposuction with vibration method to remove the increase of the human chest

turn on you: Dear Mr. le Dr. William. They are expert in gynecomastia. Briefly explain readers, what is behind this term?

Dr. Manassa: of course. It is usually enlargement of the male breast-not a muscle, but grow due to the increase in fat tissue, often in combination with hypertrophy of the mammary glands. Because it is this typically friendly growth, surgery is not necessary. But bothering physical change logical many men-aesthetic reasons, although men suffer must be very high before you consider a trip to the plastic surgeons …

Minimally invasive Dr. William Gynecomastia treatment

turn on you: because of the plastic and cosmetic surgery are more critical towards women?

Dr. Manassa: the subject of cosmetic surgery took still not what makes men in everyday life than women. If the suffering is great enough due to a limitation has space in daily life, take men also risen to a query. Here can then irrational fear is used even if they are going to discuss the risk with precision.

Gynecomastia-treatment2 download-217

Set yourself on fire: what is the difference between a Gyno and Gynecomastia nickname?

Dr. Manassa: separate in these two areas, there are two reasons for the sudden growth of the male breast. “Real” Gynecomastia is an increase in the body of the gland of the male chest is not usually or barely tangible. The growth of the tumor to be excluded, of course. When the nickname is Gynecomastia is caused by breast growth for an accumulation of fatty tissue, also referred to as Lipomastie.

No-scalpel Dr. William Gynecomastia treatment

turn on you: is an operation to counter the successful, the only way to increase the chest of the man?

Dr. Manassa: it is very important. He is sometimes enough even when a patient presents to the diet and sports led devices. Patent but optimal to provide coordinated treatment, physical exercise is very important to make it work, history, but also expectations and wants the patient to comply with a detailed investigation. In the second stage, the physics-and through in his case, a decrease in the blood for hormonal status and liver values when induced hormonal gynecomastia.

you turn: when sports and food insufficient-the patient is confronted with what surgical procedure?

Dr. Manassa: Therapy if necessary, operating with a withdrawal from the mammary glands of the body by liposuction, liposuction can be combined. Many operators using a tumescent solution with a Liposuktionskanule. The treatment is used by me and our team is the method that is called vibration. It does a adipose to particularly effective delete actions.

  • All data for the treatment of gynecomastia
  • How much does a treatment of gynecomastia?
  • Klinik am Rhein-information and contact with the clinic and Dr. Maryam
  • Methods for Gynecomastia-what is a procedure?
  • Treatment of Gynecomastia in Germany
  • turn on you: is costly, surgical procedures?

Dr. Oscar: No. If the intervention with a or using vibration method-the two treatments are minimally invasive. When it comes to scars: after surgery, a small scar that has disappeared with time is usually always a 1 centimeter. Therefore, to restore a naked torso same natural state.

turn on you: guess what patients after the procedure?

directly after the surgery, it is very important that patients use prescribed blouse and the rest. In addition, I recommend to my patients, when the chest is healed, sports, to have a chest in the years to come, as they feel comfortable. It is not without its own efforts.

turn on you: Dear Mr. le Dr. William, at the mercy of interesting conversation.

10 questions about gynecomastia

1. What is gynecomastia?

2. is it consists exclusively of fat tissue?

3. What are the causes of gynecomastia?

4. He plays a role of obesity?

5. What is the formation of breast cancer in men?

6 you can also sport the Treaty with Gynecomastia or hormone replacement therapy?

7 then listen repeatedly that bodybuilders often have Gynecomastia, which is?

8 modular Gynecomastia after surgery?

9 it is possible that the insurance company assumes the intervention?

10. What are the costs?

1. What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the development of female breasts in a man.

2. is it consists exclusively of fat tissue?

No, not at all. When you’re talking about a true Gynecomastia, this means that it is the female mammary glands in the male breast tissue. Only a female breast, Gynecomastia is composed of fatty tissue and glands.

3. What are the causes of gynecomastia?

There are several reasons: the physiological causes, it is disease-related causes, there are reasons that because of the change of life, it is very complicated. The most common cause is the development of Gynecomastia during puberty, because there is an imbalance of sex hormones. In puberty is in both the testes male sex hormone testosterone also made female sex hormone estrogen increases. An imbalance between testosterone and estrogen, many men in the elementary form of the growth of existing breast tissue is stimulated for a short time. There is an increase in the chest, which in turn is back, if the young person has reached its maturity and testosterone and estrogen in turn has balanced out.

4. He plays a role of obesity?

Yes and a very special. If you weight increases, the man is fat. It seems that an enzyme located in the fat tissue, called aromatase. More fat is present, it is also aromatase. Therefore, circulating more freely of male sex hormones (testosterone) converts to estrogen. The result is that it stimulates the growth of the breast. It gets thicker, stimulates the growth of breast cancer women disproportionately stronger.

5. What is the formation of breast cancer in men?

In fact very common. It has been shown that about 50% of men under the nipple and areola have hierarchies more or less large female mammary gland tissue. These nests are usually very small and not visible visually. If for some reason, it stimulates the growth of these cells, can in fact many men get a visible gynecomastia.

6 you can also sport the Treaty with Gynecomastia or hormone replacement therapy?

The sport has no effect unless the Gynecomastia is mainly due to the increase of fat. In this case, leading sports and weight loss naturally to the reduction of fat in the chest area, so that the is reduced. You can specify the presence of mammary glands with sport fabric, obviously not affect. The cause of the Gynecomastia is associated with increased production of the hormone, which is caused by a tumor, drugs etc., the cause is treated specially. In addition, there are several (atypical) pathological causes of Gynecomastia, where we need to go down. If there is a pathological cause of Gynecomastia, nor medical or difficult depends, supports only operation.

7 then listen repeatedly that bodybuilders often have Gynecomastia, which is?

When a normal training bodybuilder, that won’t happen. Many body builders take hormones, anabolic steroids, hormone precursors sexual male testosterone that promote muscle building. Side effect is that the body as a result of balance of male and female sex hormones to produce estrogen increases starts and it comes to the formation of a woman’s breast.

8 modular Gynecomastia after surgery?

It is again while together if larger or more breast tissue was present and how radically surgery. If particularly fat was the cause of Gynecomastia, fat can be made after the course if it increases, because not all the removed fat cells. We know that weight gain occurs through the accumulation of triglycerides in fat cells and not a proliferation of fat cells. You can pick up at the point where the cells in the fat under the skin to stay, it is of course also still once, just not as easily and quickly butter, as it was before the surgery. If Gynecomastia is mainly cells in mammary glands, and this has removed, growth doesn’t happen of course.

9 it is possible that the insurance company assumes the intervention?

In Austria, disease fund buying usually the removal of breast tissue if this has been demonstrated by a study of imaging (mammography, ultrasound) before the operation. It also takes to fund cosmetic measures, because it is much breast tissue is also a hardening of the skin. As a precaution, before chefarztlich you should clarify this. If Gynecomastia is made up of adipose tissue only, and there is no breast tissue, is a purely cosmetic procedure that is not covered by the health insurance fund.

10. What are the costs?

Of course the cost of intervention varies the effort, starts at about € 2000 and increase to about € 6, 000.

Permanent help against inflammation of the male mammary glands, in the jargon as Gynecomastia can reference, and offers a small surgical correction, which lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours in severe cases. According to the results, experts recommend the two options.

Liposuction/ is the most common procedure for gynecomastia. Therefore, a solution anesthesia, fat tissue infiltrated by one or two small incisions in the edge of the chest. After a one-hour drying time can fat sucked then without pain. Only restriction: this technique is only possible if it is mainly a collection of fat and there is no significant excess skin. The operation is performed by ambulances under local anesthesia. It is, therefore, removed the skin tones and sweet combination with the Metro, the patient after 4 weeks with a compression bandage.

is carried out with or without breast Lift, also saw a clearly obvious more excess fat. Through a crescent shaped incision at the bottom of the glands in the areola and fat from Tisue, and-in the case of excess important skin-finally an extension to improve the contours of the chest. Two weeks after the operation, done under the desktop general anesthesia, a compression strap is used. In particular, the physical effort of sports, beyond their borders for six to eight weeks. The result is a perfectly formed chest: men also permanent and comfortable.

Gynecomastia means inflammation of the mammary glands in men. This error is caused by an imbalance in the hormonal balance. Gynecomastia cure often only from or is related to drugs or other diseases.

Gynecomastia occurs swelling breasts, men or children of an imbalance of hormones testosterone and estrogen. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts. Growth can develop differently.

Newborn children during puberty or older men may develop Gynecomastia which is just one sign of normal hormonal fluctuations in this age. Gynecomastia is usually not a serious problem. But it can be hard to deal with them.. Some boys and men have pain in the chest, and swelling is uncomfortable for many.

The causes of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is caused by a decrease in the hormone testosterone from the estrogen. These problems in the hormonal balance can have many causes. At certain stages of the life of a man is not something extraordinary Gynecomastia.

So, just under half of children are born with a wider chest caused by estrogen from the mother. There will also be in puberty Gynecomastia, but usually after 6 months to two years will disappear.

Between 50 and 80 years, it has also developed Gynecomastia of the four men. A number of the drug also causes hormonal fluctuations, which can lead to gynecomastia. It is anti androgenic steroids, medicines against AIDS, antidepressants, antibiotics, medicines against cancer and the heart.

Alcohol and standard drugs also have this negative effect. Diseases such as cancer, liver tumors or kidney missing malnutrition also have negative effects on hormone levels.

Symptoms and history of gynecomastia

Signs and symptoms of Gynecomastia is swelling of the mammary glands in men. Breast tissue is soft and hanging down. When this symptom, some concerned fear men possible breast cancer. When seen inflammation, consult a doctor to discuss a possible treatment. Hit the sensitivity of touch and pain can be a sign of gynecomastia. In some cases it is also liquid the teats.

Diagnosis and history of gynecomastia

The doctor performs after the interview of his medical history and a physical by the patient, as well as drugs and the General State of health of the family. The investigation of Gynecomastia is possibly a mammography and a blood test. During this first analysis is, perhaps, more tests needed. This can be: x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, testicular ultra sound imaging or a biopsy of the tissue. The doctor will try to ensure that the symptoms are true Gynecomastia and not to with similar symptoms.

Men and boys are just fat of the breast Gynecomastia is similar to, but not really. Gynecomastia can look like breast cancer, which is rarely the case in men. Only swelling in the chest and the appearance of the nodes in the fabric can be an indication of cancer. On the one hand, you can perform the expansion of breast abscess; As a result, inflammation of the gland tissue.

Treatment of gynecomastia

Most cases of Gynecomastia back without treatment. However, if the Gynecomastia is caused by a condition, such as malnutrition, hypogonadism, cirrhosis, this disease requires treatment. If a drug that leads to Gynecomastia, is to go through your doctor may recommend drugs or be replaced by another.

Among young people, as a medical observation is carried out in many cases, Gynecomastia is often a normal external role in puberty. Some medicines that were breeding, treatment of cancer can help men with gynecomastia; It comes to tamoxifen and raloxifene.

If all other treatments fail and swelling persists, mammary glands can increase yet, an operation is possible. There are two types of program.

Liposuction only removes fat tissues of the chest, gland but will remain unchanged. Mastectomy is the removal of the mammary glands. To do so, requires a small incision, healing is done in no time.

Nded for gynecomastia

➔ Drugs pain good product and professional in the post medpex pharmacies

Prevention of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is hard to avoid, especially because at different stages of life, a variant of the hormone are normal and for many men, there is a predisposition. However, there are a handful of risk factors that can promote the emergence of gynecomastia. It comes to the abuse of illicit drugs; especially anabolic steroids, androgens, amphetamines, heroin or cannabis. Alcohol is considered to be a risk factor and prevent not or are consumed in small quantities. In addition, drugs that are taken regularly, it measures itself can cause gynecomastia. If so the patient can communicate with your doctor for alternatives.

Gynecomastia-male breasts

Men suffering from a chest of great men, called gynecomastia. In part, the male chest is so extended that is similar to the appearance of female breasts and it feels of affected men as shameful. This benign disease greatest human breast can single-or double-sided. Gland tissues of breast hypertrophy can cause pain.

When Gynecomastia, male breast is similar to abnormally high among women. Addressing surgery here and the treatment of gynecomastia. Men have to live with a chest in men or men in Finland.

Differences in Gynecomastia: breasts of a man has different causes

No cause of the Gynecomastia is an operation the chest of the man in a normal approach is commissioning without further processing. Fat Gynecomastia (pseudo gynecomastia) on the basis of obesity is liposuction. Pure liposuction is indexed not in real Gynecomastia with gland, mammary glands are a very resistant fabric, which cannot be removed. In this case, remove using a small incision in the lower edge of the position of the nipple, and the gland tissue. The outline of the best, this cutting technique is combined with liposuction. Large Atria warts can be reduced in the same session. A significant excess skin is very big after the removal of the mammary glands. Here is the face lift surgery performed in the same surgery wart Atrium a cut around the edge.

In an initial consultation without obligation we show you the possibilities you are through the treatment of gynecomastia. Before and after pictures (the legislature prohibited the show on the net) Show us that in our practice is equipped with the latest devices. A deal without compromising on 089/04 920 920 or use our contact form. Hoffmann and Hoffmann represents years of experience, the best results and satisfied customers.

More information on the treatment of gynecomastia

Pre-op: detailed medical risk, laboratory, ECG, physical exam, education advice and ultrasound mammography if applicable, endocrinological examination, Urological examination

Surgical time: after treatment interventions of the type 1.5 hours

Anesthesia: sedation anesthesia recovery or anesthesia for the withdrawal of the mammary glands

Hospitalization: liposuction or outpatient procedure the body small gland is possible, otherwise 1 or 2 fixed days

Treatment: removal of drainage after 1 or 2 days, shorten the wires can often solve a medical examination, use a Thoraxbinde 4-6, after 2 weeks, days of the week as the night

  • Sustainability: sustainable

  • Special risks: excessive scars, scars of the disorders, bruising, numbness, irregularities,

  • Reimbursement of health insurance companies: after investigation of health care insurance, except possible malignant diseases (breast cancer), pain, hormone replacement therapy is not

  • Price: for used technology and expression of gynecomastia

  • Image: old male 25 years old with gynecomastia

  • Definition: See Gynecomastia, the increase in the breast of man is to understand. It can occur on one or both sides.

  • It is usually benign, can also mean cancer breast but especially when a face looking older man. That is why even small doubts of an ultrasound and a mammogram, if necessary.

The cause of the Gynecomastia is not accurate in 50% of cases.

90% of all newborns have a physiological gynecomastia.

40-70% is the frequency of Gynecomastia during puberty and also has no value of the disease.

In connection with life, is 50% of the men developed on a bust of a man.

How can we Gynecomastia be classified?

There are several classifications. The steps in the Gynecomastia is simple, but true after

I have rang a small man’s eintspricht chest.

Grade II is similar to a young mother.

Class III means a Gynecomastia in sense of female breasts with less chest press.

How gynecomastia?

One can distinguish the causes of Gynecomastia physiological and non-physiological. Physiological means in non-physiological applications, which is not a pathological change in the breast of man.

Physiological influences on the chest of the man:

In puberty look older in the neonatal period, Gynecomastia is normal. Chest man is changed here not abnormal hormonal influences. Even very overweight, see gynecomastia. Because it has only an increase in fat tissue, talking about a pseudo-gynecomastie = nickname gynecomastia.

Non-physiological effects:

Physiological can’t change Gynecomastia due to changes in hormones or pharmacological, as shown in the following, male chest.

Medications may also cause Gynecomastia result:

Gynecomastia may be caused by different drugs. Listed here are the most important:

Spironolactone (diuretic)

Anabolic steroids (in the stage of bodybuilding that Gynecomastia is called gynecomastia).

Finasteride (Prostatamittel which is also used as a vitamin for hair growth)

Protection of the stomach tablets: omeprazole, ranitidine, cimetidine

Hormones: androgens, Anti-estrogen

(Rare) heart preparation: Digitalis, beta-blockers, calcium antagonists

Alcohol, marijuana and heroin can also have the chest with a pathological man to the result.

What are the effects of hormones in gynecomastia?

An excess of estrogen (female sex hormones) can cause Gynecomastia, the lack of testosterone (male sex hormone).

An increase of estrogen in cancer of the testes and the adrenal cortex. Even with advanced cirrhosis of the liver, Gynecomastia set of symptoms.

Androgen deficiency is not the testicles, hyperthyroidism castration and diseases that have resulted in a reduction in androgen production (Klinefelters syndrome, prolactinoma, …).

How do I make the diagnosis?

The diagnosis should include an analysis of hormones and live and test of thyroid function test (blood test).

Sorry for the frequent, but very aggressive cancer (breast cancer) in humans should be considered especially when a unilateral Gynecomastia in old age. Therefore, we recommend ultrasound and mammography. Male breast cancer tend to be very aggressive.

A good estimate on the cause and the result can be done by a qualified person based on a survey and a physical only in terms of the selection of the optimal treatment.

What complaints can arise when gynecomastia?

The victims usually suffer the impact of aesthetic changing male chest. Pain is rarely available. The typical conclusion adds to the growth of the breast, increase the size of the nipple and areola. Usually, derbe gland filaments buttons. Glandular tissue is easily separated from the fat tissue. The weight of the gland that arches over the areola often, it appears enlarged and crashes. A lower breast crease is visible in the main results.

A special feature is the mother of the man who is not to be interpreted as true gynecomastia. Similar changes occur in breast cancer women can do. Symptoms usually occur on one page:

Bleeding from the nipple

very thought palpable lumps

Deformation, recovery of the skin

Orange-as the change in the skin are observed at an advanced stage.


Drug errors are at a very advanced stage.

Swelling in the armpit may be sign of colonization of the lymph nodes.

What is conservative?

Conservative treatment is to delete as described above triggering causes and treatment of hormonal disorders. Here you have the specialized knowledge of general practitioners, internists, cardiologists and physicians (training in special hormones), urologists. Unfortunately, human breasts often he formed because that despite the conservative treatment, so here despite an operation back into account.

The chest of male Gynecomastia surgery is called.

Cuts to the right of the Gynakomastie operationbild: see possible incisions in Gynecomastia surgery: tips nipple or small holes to liposuction.

Gynecomastia surgery depends on the size and nature of the breast:

The nickname Gynecomastia surgery.

In the case of breast cancer in a large medical man called pseudo gynecomastia, which is not accompanied by a proliferation of glandular tissue, liposuction in the levels of expression of the small and medium of the disease sufficiently. Incision in the area of the areola of the breast can often be omitted on the skin. In liposuction, Gynecomastia is a small incision along the edge of the pectoralis major and sneaked into a liquid, can be that you now waves suck. Wash fat cells, and thus facilitating suck. Then the fat is retrieved. It is important that a leave of absence which is not the steps are set through the transitions at the edges. Sometimes the male chest is very strong and the appearance of a large female breast is then made. There is no adequate correction is possible with liposuction. Breast reduction with the standard techniques must proceed in such a case.

The OP that contains a gland in the chest.

Liposuction is not often enough when only a gland man chest chest, because is a very resistant fabric, that can be removed. Thus it is usually practiced a combination of liposuction with (removal of the mammary glands in men). Liposuction is exposed. In a reduction of the areola is used over the gland is removed. Plumbing is often placed at the end of the operation. Not infrequently Gynecomastia is combined with large nipples, which is also corrected.

What do you do when a great gynecomastia?

End Gynecomastia () required that an operation certainly can be compared female breast reduction. There, depending on the size and excess skin from the chest of the man is right, the Court I, T-cut or incision around the areola (periareolar), in question. These techniques are explanation of breast reduction and breast lift.

What have the op of the chest of a man observed if the treatment?

Gynecomastia with liposuction is just treatment of ambulatory patients treated, is possible. But is a short hospitalization common in the case of a and the feeling of a breast reduction.

General anesthesia is necessary for moderate and severe results.

After the operation you will need a license for sports for 6 weeks. In addition, it is important to use a West compression during this period. In the initial stage, the condition of the inflammation and reduce the likelihood that the faster the blood or the wound in water flows.

Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) Treatments

Types of gynecomastia
normal physiological changes

Neonatal Gynecomastia: it is caused by female hormones in the mother, was transferred the placenta to baby. They form new.


Gynecomastia at puberty: due to temporarily increasing the training of female sex hormone (estrogen) hormone precursors in the muscle tissue and fat. Declarations do not always completely.
Gynecomastia age: with age, increasing the proportion compared with the decline of the body, thus increasing the transformation of male hormones (androgens) in female hormones (estrogen) in fat tissue. At the same time reduces the formation of male hormones in the testes.
Nickname Gynecomastia: when General (obesity). It is the transition between overweight andobesity with BMI (BMI) index 30.


Abnormal (pathological) Gynecomastia
Also is a true Gynecomastia is not a separate disease, but a symptom, because manydisorders, hormonal or disease, castration or side effects of the drug can cause breast enlargement:


  • The lack of male hormones (hypogonadism)
  • More education estrogen
  • Chronic diseases (kidney failure, liver failure, alcohol abuse)
  • (Very rare) breast cancer
  • Reasons [edit]
  • The causes of real Gynecomastia usually balance the hormone errors. Leave varies mainly:

the greater the sensitivity of breast tissue to female sex hormones

the presence of high levels of female sex hormones, which produces testicles tumors of estrogen hormone replacement therapy and diseases of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Too much estrogen can occur at puberty, which can grow up in the chest(gynecomastia at puberty).


the decline in the production of male sex hormones (such as gonads or age Gynecomastiadue to the hormone reduced the excess estrogen in the testicles at the same time)
independent causes such as thyroid disease, cirrhosis of the liver and renal failure in dialysis(kidney failure)
the inclusion of hormones rates of food in particular meat treated with hormones.
Testosterone replacement (medical specified or anabolic steroids), since it is converted inmuscle tissue and fat of the enzyme aromatase to estrogen.


  • a side effect of spironolactone (aldosterone antagonist).
  • the existence of the karyotype 47, XXY Klinefelter‘s syndrome with the phenotype ofgynecomastia.
  • Unilateral decision of Gynecomastia is the existence of a Mammakarzinomes (breast cancer) also in humans cannot be ruled out. But is most a fibroadenoma of the breast.


In Europe it is described that the excessive intake of beer brewed with hops in the content of Phytoestrogens hop flowers in the creation of Gynecomastia may be involved in, but a high intake of calories for the consumption of alcohol is important (increase of body fatcalled “false Gynecomastia).



When true Gynecomastia, without surgery is usually required from a health perspective.Because the psychological burden of a large number of people affected by external influences is very high, often attempt to take the regression of mom taking preparations of the hormone, which, however, not in all cases the success expected. The chest is contract with surgical intervention, this is done mainly via a shortcut on the edge of the cuttingnozzle, remove the gland and tissue adipose possibly excess body.


Surgery is the only treatment of symptoms, not the causes of gynecomastia. Therefore,depending on the cause of breast enlargement, sustainable treatment requires:


  • Change of diet (weight reduction, less alcohol)
  • The removal of the drug
  • Male hormone can be replaced with the current lack of androgen, side effects must be respected (see also testosterone supply)
  • drug prevention
  • Radiological exposure of breast tissue to form a Gynecomastia can prevent the whole or in part by the use of antiandrogens. The success is of this prophylaxis between 60 and 92%.


The relief of symptoms

Symptoms such as pressure of sensation, pain in the chest, the nipples hypersensitivity orirritation of the skin in the visible part of the chest can be adjusted with a pronunciationgynecomastia. The movement of the fabric that is often uncomfortable. In sports, this movement of the drug cause pain. Kompressionsshirts, a sports bra and BRA can provide relief in these cases.


Gynecomastia (from the Greek γυνή (Lily) = woman and μαστός (mastos) = chest)enlargement in the mammary glands in men. True Gynecomastia should be separated in the spread of the gland tissue false Gynecomastia of fat depositsas happens in overweightand obesity (obesity).


This MOM affected men often annoying modeled and can lead to serious disorders of theself.



The cause of the Gynecomastia can be different: endocrinopathy Klinefelter Syndrome of testicular feminization Rajfenštejna, castration and testicular tumors, hypothyroidism (Leydigcells), choriocarcinoma, pituitary and adrenal tumors. Gynecomastia can tumor cancersyndrome bronchi. It also occurs in cirrhosis of the liver, famine, leprosy, dystrophy. Youshould also note the emergence of Gynecomastia in men, in the past, he is active in sports with various types of sudden disruption. In these cases, Gynecomastia occur from one yearto ten years without causing complications. The growth of breast cancer in these cases is not clinical risk.


A number of substances with prolonged use can cause Gynecomastia: spironolactone, Digital, reser pine, methyldopa, Meprobamate, fenotiazin, risperidone, ketoconazole,kanabianty, hormone estrogen, testosterone or gonadotropinom therapy.



True gynecomastia. Resulting the chest of a gland enlargement. Under the nipple tightlydiscovers education palpated in ultrasound diagnostic medical ultrasound hardware.
False gynecomastia. The chest is increased at the expense of adipose tissue. For most people is observed in lipomastia obese people.
Mixed by gynecomastia. The combination of true and false of Gynecomastia:
with a predominance of adipose tissue.
with preobladaeniem of gland tissue.
Patients increase often two pectoral glands at the same time. When talking about bilateralgynecomastia. But sometimes just thoracic glandunilateral gynecomastia.


The clinical picture

Characterized by a sense of gravity, feel itchy and uncomfortable sensations in mammary glands. FRESH is determined by the mobile education with edges sharp, pain-free. Regionallymph nodes are not enlarged.



To diagnose the ultrasound breast Gynecomastia should be met.
For diagnosis in the same way it is important to find the cause of the gynecomastia.
Will examine the hormonal (testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, LH and TSH) profile. Patients with Gynecomastia often have high levels of estradiol and decreased testosterone levels. It may develop Gynecomastia in the home of anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass. It is therefore very important to know the patient’s medical history. Gynecomastia can followgenetic as diseases. The diagnosis of these diseases is needed. When can develop thatGynecomastia, it is therefore important to explore the testicles, prostate and hormonalrange)


Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis. Gynecomastia is a benign hypertrophy of the mammary glands. The most important differential diagnosis is reduced to exclude cancer of the mammary glands.But male breast cancer is glands very rarely. To produce education pierced with a recent study of cell composition. You can already on removing pectoral glands producehistological study of faith that is not cancer, gynecomastia.



The treatment of surgery only gynecomastia. Will be shown as a malignant tumor. Hormone replacement therapy does not always the desired result. In some cases, it will be marked in the treatment of testosterone with the opposite effect. Also in the treatment of hormonedrugs increases the risk of Gynecomastia strongly cancer. Categorically contraindicatedcompression or crush bandages tight tits to slow growth. These actions are violent and, therefore, the appearance of malignant tumors.


Operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia.


For local anesthesia with lidocaine 0.5%-1 solution, which is injected into the mammary glands and surrounding subcutaneous fat tissue. This variant of adequate anesthesia for patients who want to perform an operation without hospitalization.


Sedation in the short term, combined with local anesthesia. During the operation, the patient sleeps, but has also produced local anesthesia-1 0.5% lidocaine solution. After the operation takes about 2-3 hours to spend in the House, and then the patient can be released. This day should refrain from driving and receive alcohol.


General anesthesia is needed for patients who want to eliminate significant amounts ofGynecomastia and liposuction with the complex. This type of anesthesia require 1 to 2 days.


Type of operations on gynecomastia
The method depends on the size of the operation, the amount of breast glands ofsubcutaneous fat and have to pull the skin. When the true Gynecomastia or mixed petitesize shows a subcutaneous mastectomy with the formation of the “platform” under the nipples to prevent nipple collapse. When lipomastii 2 options: liposuction or tummy tuckoperation (removal of subcutaneous adipose tissue). It is possible to use a compressionpost-operative special underwear. Training and a bruise is not out of the question, becauseduring the operation of a vessel. These bruises usually disappear in 2-3 weeks.


Surgery of Gynecomastia in men with big bust


Even men can care for large bust, called gynecomastia. In some men develop mammary glands an unusual amount of puberty, which can give the chest a feminine touch. It is also common to increase breasts after hormone treatment, for example, when it comes toprostate cancer. Some men can get an accumulation of fat in this region called the nickname gynekomastia.


Before operation be examined the breast tissue. So we can know how much the region due to the abnormal growth of the gland and what is pure breast adipose tissue.
Two forms of surgery are treated. Unexplained breast growth, you need to perform some medical studies to control the hormonal balance. Otherwise, there is no need in specialsurveys


What happens before surgery for gynecomastia?


The first time we visit can meet with a surgeon who listens to your wishes, through surgery and answer questions. You can include information about areas that will culminate in the intervention if you have Gynecomastia, can cost you and how long the wait.


Alternatively, you can fill out a questionnaire about your health, previous diseases andoperations. One speaks also their expectations.


If you choose to move forward, we can reserve a operating time. A good idea is to prepareyour operation of gynekomasti in the form and find out as much as possible about what happens before, during and after the operation. They are always at hand and answer questions.


What happens during surgery?


To prepare the operation in the best possible way by staying in good shape and find outhappens as much as possible on what before, during and after gynekomasti operationen.


Cut with a local anesthesia or anaesthesia surface depending on the intervention. If you have Gynecomastia and to do liposuction, do we a cut equal to or less than the chest. If there is a surplus of mammary glands man cut unfastened fabric rather gland in the lower part of the areola.


What happens after surgery?

It is a procedure that is relatively small Gynecomastia surgery, and most of the patients can go home the same day. We put a tourniquet on the site to prevent efterblodningar and swelling. Usually to remove stitches after 1-2 weeks: then, we can see how the breasts fell and adopted a more masculine form.


Breast reduction for men (gynecomastia)

Men may worry mammary hypertrophy drug that can be given a feminine touch andconsidered shameful.


Some men grow an unusual amount of mammary glands during puberty. What can give a feminine touch. It is also not uncommon for the breasts develop hormonal treatment, for example, when it comes to prostate cancer. Gynecomastia surgery is designed to reducemale breasts. Reduce male breasts can be done partly through liposuction and removal ofbreast tissue. Both methods are often combined. In rare cases, can reduce the skin on thebreasts also.


Breast reduction for men

A rare disorder among men who have had breast cancer and the enlargement of themammary gland tissue is. Also during puberty, abnormally large mammary glands. What gives an exceptionally big tits something for a lot of men can be annoying during big titscan be given as a feminine touch. Enlargement of the breasts is bodily responses tohormonal changes, that is not abnormal. However, one can see as problematic. Do yousuffer from Gynecomastia enlarged breasts, or as it is also called, is help on hand.




For more than thirty years we have been in the Stockholm City Centre. Modern facilities are located next to the hospital, which means that we have access to radiology, cardiology andlaboratories blood tests, ECG, etc..


In a first consultation, you will meet with one of our qualified plastic surgeons. Examineswhat a breast reduction through the procedure. You go through your expectations and your specific needs.


What a breast reduction for men?

Treatment of male Gynecomastia of the breast is reduced. First of all, you walk through aliposuction where saline is injected into the fat is then pulled a thin needle. Both are part of the removed breast tissue. Generally, the two methods are combined, but in some cases,only to the intervention. In rare cases also removes excess skin is removed.


The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, takes a couple of hours, and theycan go home the day of the operation. It may work after one to three weeks, and you canstart exercising again after a little more than a month. The first five weeks, use a belt on herbreasts, the first two weeks, 24 hours and after three weeks in the course of the day only forthe best possible results. The most common complication is that the result is somethingirregular. If this is the case, it is easy to correct, this can be done after surgery.


Welcome to the responsible clinic!




When a boy/man (chromosome 46, point or more X chromosomes) develops gland breast tissue in breast milk breasts Gynecomastia is called). Galen coined the term. LipomastiMedia has increased just fat in the breasts.




Pathophysiology of it can be explained by an imbalance between estrogen‘s growth factorsfor the development of breast cancer and androgen as inhibitors of the development of the breasts in the majority of cases. Testosterone in circulation is 1% free, biologically active,the limit of 80% (SHBG) sex hormone binding globulin and 19% related to albumin.Gynekomastin may be physiological or pathological.


  1. Physiologic gynecomastia
  2. Neonatal period
  3. Puberty
  4. The aging process
  5. Increased production of estrogen of tumors
  6. Testicular tumors that produce estrogen or testosterone
  7. Adrenal cortical tumors that produce estrogen or testosterone


  • Medicines and drugs
  • Spironolactone
  • Digitalis
  • Inhibits calcium
  • ACE inhibitors
  • Syrasekretions inhibitors
  • Neuroleptics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Antiandrogens
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Estrogen
  • Finasteride
  • Diazepam
  • Heroin
  • Ketoconazole
  • Marijuana (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Metyldopa
  • Captopril and others.
  • When the drugs they are excluded by causing possible Gynecomastia and testicular, prostate and epididymis, palperats enjoy.


Sampling for gynecomastia


Nursing history, somatic status and the result usually provides the reason for thegynekomastin. If not, proceed with the ultrasound the testicles and adrenal glands chest x-ray. Treatment is primarily intended for the cause of gynekomastin.


In General, neonatal Gynecomastia disappears within a few weeks, of the stimulation of the breasts with estrogen fetoplacentala.


Pubertetsgynekomasti is a common phenomenon. The average age of onset is about 14-15 years. Breasts are often asymmetric enlarged and often painful. Gynekomastin seems to have disappeared when the child when 20. About 40% of the patients seeking Gynecomastiabelongs to the group.


Geriatric Gynecomastia can occur in all ages. Careful palpation of the tits bodied adult males are placed in about 40% of the cases a gland tissue small palpable breast in the course. The incidence increases with age. Among men over 60 years is 60% prevalence, aGyno registered in any way or with problems.


Prolactin is needed for the development of milk production and tissue breast cancer in both sexes, the pas General year t the entire chest. Results a man in the inhibition of the it andthus the production of androgen reduced, which in turn leads to a reduction in inhibition ofthe growth of the breast.


Male breast cancer


In relation to the amount of tissue breast men and women the same incidence of breast cancer. A lump in the breast, unilaterally, rather than compassion, harsh, irregular threwsuspected breast cancer. Long-lasting Gynecomastia, as Klinefelter Syndrome, can be a risk factor for the development of cancer. The relationship that men with androgenism chronichiccups of various types have an increased risk of breast cancer that accuses its relativelyhigh compared to inhibit growth, the protective effect of testosterone. BRCA2 mutationassociated with a hereditary form of breast cancer involves a higher risk for cancer of the breast in both sexes.




As mentioned above, certain types of transfers the spontaneously gynecomastia. In other cases, surgical, medical and radiological select treatments.


Surgical treatment


Gynecomastia and lipomasti can be removed with surgical ways while maintaining the areola and the normal mamill.


Pharmacological treatment


Medical treatment with testosterone are very successful in because of a lack Gynecomastiaof testosterone, such as anorki, Orchitis. But testosterone in Klinefelters syndrome therapyless success reached gynekomastin atropine. This may be because of that patients withKlinefelters are more sensitive to the effects of estradiol, which constantly increases Testosterone therapy; an aromatase converts a portion of the data their testosterone toestradiol.


They have sought to treat Gynecomastia with anti-estrogen, aromatase inhibitors and as you can not aromatiseras. However, there is no no controlled study, on the basis of evidence which documents the clinical effect of these drugs on gynecomastia.


Radiological treatment


Gynecomastia with hormone therapy for prostate cancer can be prevented by external beam before treatment used breasts. Breast gland tissue can also preventive exstirperas, preferably at the beginning of treatment, before to increase fat deposition


Usually it’s nothing dangerous and never by itself at one point 16-17 years. But for some itstops again, “O Janne, general surgeon and the surgeon specializing in plastic and aestheticsurgery.


At work, he meets Many desperate young boys and men who are developing breasts.


Many people think that no one else has these problems and that it could have been with him for many years and do not have the courage to ask for help. But this is actually very common, “said Janne O on clinical and patient operation success at least a week.


His experience is that not all seek help, because it is often perceived as a disgrace.


Many people don’t know that this is something, I think that it is uncomfortable to ask for help and do not know to go.


Does not work on their breasts
The most common error, according to Janne O, as many children do is try to work from the breasts of this fat bag disappear.


But what happens then is that the breasts becomes even more important when the musclesare developing, “said Janne O.


This is because it is not just fat that is there, without bold and gland tissue. It must be surgically removed to disappear.


Janne Ohlsens Consejo those who have suffered or believe that they have suffered fromGynecomastia is to your GP can send references to a surgery clinic.


For young boys in puberty often Council is wait and see if it returns. But for those whoagree with this for a long time or if you do not think that it will go away, it is possible to operate, says Janne O.


You can get paid an operation
Go to the function of the public health care system which means that you can be paid in half the cases. It is not enough, or if we consider that probably disappear by itself, there is always the option to pay for the procedure themselves.


To perform an operation, it takes a benign Gynecomastia, there must be some underlyingreason developed gland tissue and that there is something wrong with the hormonal mirrorthat allows the breasts can return after the surgery. In addition, you must have a normal weight, Janne O.


For those who can choose to have surgery, you can often quickly and evenly and isperformed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make a small incision can hide thescars.


Enter through the outer limit of the nipple and adipose tissue and remove the build up ofgland piece by piece. Then grease cleaner remove the latter and make a transition smoothlyto the whole breast. The patient can usually return home the same day, finished or Jane.


Gynecomastia (reduce male breasts) is an operation whose aim is to reduce the amount ofbreast tissue and excess skin in men who developed augmentation or not wanted. The shape of the chest can be affected by genes, weight loss, weight gain, but also drugs andother substances.

grades-gynaecomastia images

Treatment usually includes a combination of liposuction and breast and possibly excess skinon the breasts.


Before you can be configured to the desired operation, you must go to a consultationwhere to get detailed information about the procedure. We want to see if there is a transaction and the results we can get. We always try to describe as realistic as possible, which means that the operation, you can wait for the results, but also the possiblecomplications that may occur. Each operation is expected to be unique for you and your needs.


Gynecomastia played rarely to the attention of the public when it’s pretty much a purely cosmetic procedure to obtain financing on their own. But in some cases it is usual withsampling of hormones, and in some cases, you get a reference to the public health. Visit,because the doctor from the Centre before you book time for consultation with us.


Before a Gyno exam


During the consultation of our plastic surgeon measures how much fat, glandular breast tissue and skin that can be deleted.
The breasts are examined to exclude veins and abnormal masses.
Use the method


There are different methods in Gynecomastia (reduce male boobs), most include liposuctionof the chest and the Elimination of gland tissue. Sometimes, a few small incisions in the skinbreast side but often also added as a small compartment on the areola. Together you andthe clinic art plastic surgeon to discuss the method that suits you and your situation.


After Gynecomastia (reduce male breasts)


We have the extra silence first week after the operation. It is allowed to walk and easierdata. Usually, you can return the job a week after the operation, depending on the type of work. No training can gradually resume after two or three weeks, depending on thetraining. Start slowly and gradually increase. Specific, but the first four weeks.


It is important for lasting results that after your Gynecomastia (reduce male boobs), is the same weight as before the operation. Weight gain can lead to inequality and udder to rise again.


Take the time relatively well before the final result after Gynecomastia (reduce male boobs)shows that it can take 6-8 months depending on the inflammation.


You have further questions about Gynecomastia or book for a consultation please feel free to contact the clinic. ? For images before and after, can view pictures of patients whoperforms Gynecomastia (reduce male breasts) with us at the art clinic.

Gynexin Pills Review : Does It Cures Gynecomastia

Side effects of birth control pills

Physical conditions be understood side effects that may occur, but is not desirable for a drug. Almost all drugs also brings these side effects in addition to the desired effect.

Gyno (gynecomastia from the Greek gyne and mastos “woman” “breast”) is the abnormal development of male breast tissue.It is common among young people. The symptoms often disappear after a few months or a few years. The phenomenon is caused by an imbalance in hormones or leader.Both landscape adipose tissue in the created gland tissue.

At birth was little gland of children running behind the nipple. They usually disappear this table of the gland in children in kindergarten. In women, they are influenced by hormones in the formation of the breasts during puberty. Also swell in children there is regular so in pubertal mammary glands. It is usually both sides, but can also occur on one page. This increase in the onset of puberty is usually of short duration, but can also be a couple of years. It can be considered as usual. But there are also other factors play a role in the origins of the gynecomastia.

a side effect of some medications

Responses to metabolic changes in the liver or kidney disease
a change in the production of hormones (insufficient production of the testicles or stress)
intake of hormones
respiratory font or testes hormone production tumors
breast cancer.

When Gynecomastia in infants and Dr. puberty usually just a physical exam (the lymph nodes and testicles). Sometimes more research. It can be of a collection of blood in certain substances in the blood. They can have mammary glands, ultrasonography of the testes or the liver. Sometimes, a picture of x-ray mammary glands or the lungs.

When Gynecomastia is usually wait a few months to process because it can automatically disappear. If Gynecomastia is the result of drug use is contemplated or it can stop taking medication or any other medication. When the cause is not clear, depending on the circumstances and complaints, has decided to undergo surgery. To do this, the doctor will remove the gland tissue below the nipple. This tissue is then examined in the laboratory. A Gynecomastia procedure usually occurs in the treatment of the day under general anesthesia, sometimes under local anesthesia. The operation takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

The chest increases in ordinary guys often in puberty, in principle do not need any treatment, because it is a transitional arrangement and innocent State.
When it is, many mental health problems by the formation of breast cancer have the surgeon plastich gland tissues.

Frequently asked questions

How long does with this development of breasts in men usually?
Answer: in General, it is about two to three years. Then fall quickly size under the influence of the increase in the production of the male hormone.
overweight infants have the same?

Puberty begins when the previous pituitary gland in the brain, the hypothalamus, the pituitary hormones are, which leads to the production of two hormones. It is LH and FSH. These hormones by stimulating the testicles among other things, for the production of testosterone. In principle, a male hormone is produced only during the night. During this period, the effect of female hormones, something always present is dominant. growth in the chest.

Later in puberty is the production of testosterone in the passage of the day, the production of testosterone and this is the female hormone that are too small for with the development of the breasts. Side effects occur for every woman and is often also depend on the pill. As a result, the micro pill (low dose of hormone) better tolerated by many women. Light side effects of birth control pills include spots, headaches, nausea and decreased interest in sexual activity. Often these side effects occur at the beginning of oral contraceptives and disappears with time if even. But the pill can cause serious side effects. Especially for smokers and over weight increase the risk with the pill a blood clot and outputs suffer a stroke or heart attack. Often reduces the the important image content blood for many years of the pill. The reason can be seen in the reaction of the body Fed hormones.

It is disputed if the overall risk of developing cancer is increased by the use of the pill long term. Studies have also shown that it reduces the risk of cancer of the ovary development pill long term in half. In addition, skin problems can be alleviated often have an action that chronic acne pill taking sex hormone androgen.
Summary of side effects


Irregularities in the cycle after stopping the pill
The formation of blood clots
Breast tenderness
Gain or loss
Changes in libido
Stomach problems
Worst effects of contact lenses
Yellowish spots on cheeks, forehead and Chin (Chloasma)
Increase the risk of fungal infections of the vagina

Gynexin pills-best body of Gynecomastia sculpture system for men

Gynexin-male-breast-Reduction When suffer from Gynecomastia, the only thing you are a way to reduce that has consequences that can give you the body you want, so you no longer have to hide in baggy tops to your friends at the gym.
Solutions to improve the Gynecomastia may vary depending on the break for food and fitness, but if you would like a way more faster, more secure and easier to sculpture of the body, should consider Gynexin pills.

What is Gynexin pills?

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The pills are designed to make the herbal formula, which has been tested by scientists. The pills are developed in businesses that are registered with the FDA in the United States and it has been shown to be 100% secure.

How they work toward Gynecomastia and sculpts the body?
Pills ingredients to break down fat in the chest.
Gynecomastia may not develop as part of the excess weight and could face among menaged 13. A piece of fabric in the mammary glands and what is Gynexin quite objective player in this area in particular.

What they say about Gynexin pills?

Gynexin pills have been on the market for several years and natural products are safe and reliable. 99% of men the product has seen visible results and complete the cycle of treatment as a very satisfied customers.

“I, of course, was so simple Gynexin. My gyne disappeared before the summer … ”
Jing, born in Melbourne, Australia (company website)

“Wow, I am super impressed with the product, the use of anabolic steroids in my early years and the gynecologist who happened to me.” I have always wanted to do surgery, but Ihad a bad reaction to the anesthesia … and it would therefore be to avoid surgery. Gynexin works very well for me. I thank you again. ”

Matti Heikkinen, San Pedro, California (company website)

How does it compare the system with other methods?

Another system oral way to reduce the effects of Gynecomastia in forms, but some have side effects or are more powerful in everyday life than Gynexin pills.
Alternatively, you could try radiation therapy or surgery, but they are risky procedures, which may be harmful to the rest of the body. Surgery, in particular, can leave ugly scars and can be very expensive.

Most countries do not allow the surgery done in their own social security, or under the health insurance systems is considered to be a cosmetic.

Where can I buy Gynexin pills?

You can buy the pills for several Gynexin websites, including many of the largest Internet stores. But to get the best and the right product, it is recommended that you visit the web site of the formula Gynexin Alpha.

You can find detailed information about Gynexin and best deals on the product, so much to buy and offers a free product.
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Gynexin pills

Gynexin pills-best body of Gynecomastia sculpture system for men
Gynexin-male-breast-Reduction When suffer from Gynecomastia, the only thing you are a way to reduce that has consequences that can give you the body you want, so you no longer have to hide in baggy tops to your friends at the gym.

Solutions to improve the Gynecomastia may vary depending on the break for food and fitness, but if you would like a way more faster, more secure and easier to sculpture of the body, should consider Gynexin pills.

What is Gynexin pills?

Gynexin pills are tablet based solution to create the perfect body shape. A bottle of pills can be a first step to the appearance and good.
The pills are designed to make the herbal formula, which has been tested by scientists. The pills are developed in businesses that are registered with the FDA in the United States and it has been shown to be 100% secure.

How they work toward Gynecomastia and sculpts the body?

Pills ingredients to break down fat in the chest.
Gynecomastia may not develop as part of the excess weight and could face among menaged 13. A piece of fabric in the mammary glands and what is Gynexin quite objective player in this area in particular.

What they say about Gynexin pills?Gynexin pills have been on the market for several years and natural products are safe and reliable. 99% of men the product has seen visible results and complete the cycle oftreatment as a very satisfied customers.

“I, of course, was so simple Gynexin. My gyne disappeared before the summer … ”

Jing, born

in Melbourne, Australia (company website)

“Wow, I am super impressed with the product, the use of anabolic steroids in my early years and the gynecologist who happened to me.” I have always wanted to do surgery, but I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia … and it would therefore be to avoid surgery. Gynexin works very well for me. I thank you again. ”

Matti Heikkinen, San Pedro, California (company website)

Klikkaa Tasta cheese Gynexin Kotisivut

How does it compare the system with other methods?

Another system oral way to reduce the effects of Gynecomastia in forms, but some have side effects or are more powerful in everyday life than Gynexin pills.
Alternatively, you could try radiation therapy or surgery, but they are risky procedures, which may be harmful to the rest of the body. Surgery, in particular, can leave ugly scars and can be very expensive.

Most countries do not allow the surgery done in their own social security, or under the health insurance systems is considered to be a cosmetic.

Where can I buy Gynexin pills?

You can buy the pills for several Gynexin websites, including many of the largest Internet stores. But to get the best and the right product, it is recommended that you visit the web site of the formula Gynexin Alpha.You can find detailed information about Gynexin and best deals on the product, so much to buy and offers a free product.If you want to do something, is how breasts look today Gynexin pills really the product for you. Some of these men have seen the results of two or three weeks to four months, you have the body you’ve always dreamed.

Male Chest Reduction – Gynecomastia liposuction

It is not clear how common testosterone deficit is found in various age groups. This is related to the fact that in the laboratory of testosterone levels can be measured in several ways, and there is no uniform practice. Low or reduced testosterone levels may be based on or free testosterone. There is also the so-called. deficit of testosterone, where testosterone levels are normal, but the hormone (LH) is high, as evidenced by the attempt of the body to increase testosterone in the formation of the testes. For these reasons varies the low prevalence of the disease significantly from a study. A certain degree of deficit of testosterone in 40-50 years between 10% and 20%, respectively. 50-60 years of 20-30% of people 60 to 70 years, 30 to 40% of patients with less than 70-90 years 50%. Now it’s worth noting that almost all patients with disabilities or low value does not exist in the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, or with testosterone, of course, need treatment.

The causes of testosterone deficiency

Testicular production of testosterone by the cells is regulated by the pituitary gland, that the control tower, it works to the hypothalamus of the hormone. disorders and errors in any part of the system of this regulation can lead to a lack of testosterone. Among other things, diabetes and alcohol associated with reduced levels of testosterone. Depression and physical and mental stress can reduce testosterone levels. In this case, the mechanism apparently bothered tweaking . Sustained abstinence from sexual activity to reduce testosterone production.


Low testosterone levels in men with similar symptoms than women occurs over the years. The classic symptoms are, for example, sweating, mood swings, fatigue and sleep. A symptom of reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction also often worried, that’s why the patient to find the way to the reception. When we talk about lack of testosterone is also often used the expression of fertility and hypogonadism. Male menopause is not a valid expression. In women is Estrogen deficiency everything very quickly as male testosterone levels fall slowly over the years and deficiency symptoms are not from anywhere near all. In males the best words. deficit in part related to testosterone age. The list below is in the typical testosterone deficiency symptoms. It is worth noting that the symptoms of testosterone deficiency can mimic many other diseases or symptoms. Include, for example, thyroid function disorders, diabetes, depression, excessive stress and sleep apnea. Surprisingly often, maybe testosterone doesn’t know how to take into account. Many drugs have side effects that may recall the symptoms of low testosterone levels. In particular, the reduction of sexual desire occurs as a side effect of many medications.

The symptoms of a man Aging (shape) of the IMO

Symptoms of low testosterone in order to identify, it is the question of the inclusion of a questionnaire developed a just 17. On the basis of the amount of points and the importance of assessing hospital. IMO-the form is a good tool for monitoring the management of energy.

A link to the form below IMO.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels

Low libido

erectile dysfunction

the deterioration of at night used

Psychiatric symptoms and


hot flashes

the inability of the initiative



Sleep disorders

Physical symptoms


back pain


muscular atrophy


dry skin

the weakening of muscle strength

or male breast growth happens in some stages of a slight decrease of many men. In most cases it happens usual phenomenon during a period of growth. Adult breast growth is usually associated with a variety of diseases or drugs that affect the production of the hormones in a man.

The physiological growth of the breast attached to the life cycle of normal hormone changes. Neonatal Gynecomastia is caused by the mother of female hormones. Of hormonal changes during adolescence more than a third of the benign growth of the breast occurs between 14 and 20 children. Older, often breast growth happens because you have the male hormone (testosterone) decline (see “higher testosterone men ‘).

Testicular production of testosterone production and estrogen reduces the impact of diseases and areas, as well as medication can lead to a Include, among others:

several congenital disorders in hormone production


Destruction of testicular cells causing diseases and removal of the testicle, such as in the treatment of prostate cancer

cirrhosis of the liver (see “Cirrhosis” 2), chronic renal failure (see “kidney failure (Uremia) ‘ 3)

excessive alcohol consumption

a powerful overweight

many drugs (e.g. preparations containing estrogen, phenytoin)

anabolic steroids (see “anabolic steroids and health” 4) and other similar hormonal preparations.

About half of the cases, is in studies of an explanation. In this case, it will be lost by the situation followed, and if the Gynecomastia persists, more detailed studies will be repeated.

Gynecomastia can appear in the chest. In rare cases, only the second increase in the breast be caused by something other than hormones. In this case, the opposition always right to investigate further, because there may be a parallel to the site of the tumor.

Only symptom is usually both the growth of the breast. Growth doesn’t happen in a few days, but usually after several months or years. If the reason for this is the lack of testosterone , is also often present in disorders such as impotence

In true gland breast tissue, which is not always easy to distinguish between breast augmentation weight gain, which is of the fat tissue only. the gland tissue feel revived fat. If the space is not clear, is used in the image processing of x-ray (see “Mammography” 5) or echo of the search (see “Echo” 6).

The physiological and disease as a result of a is not able to affect. Low in regards to puberty breast growth need not to worry about and is not a reason to care. The place is safe and enter in a few years.

If the use of anabolic hormone products, must end. If the use of drugs, the cessation or change be discussed with your doctor.

When studies?

to mild breast enlargement, is not necessary to ask for advice. If the file type is known, in particular, the if there is delay in the normal development of puberty, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The increase in the retirement age, after being put in the chest can be quiet. Yes of course, in a different era is should be examined. Faster and more big tits increases, most vulnerable.

If only one breast increases without known reason, we recommend that you consult a doctor. In this case, is often one of the other as Gynecomastia, sometimes the tumor. Men can also occur in the field of breast cancer. States, in some cases, every year, in Finland.


The doctor is first and foremost, whether this is a real increase in chest or gynecomastia. It will be followed by laboratory studies.

If is found in the ground, as a treatment for the removal of the management, or. In this case, Gynecomastia in General, but helps the change is slow.

In General, used the effect of repeal of the drug used in the treatment of estrogen which is the most tamoxifen.

If the production of male hormone disorder, treatment is testosterone in common use. If low testosterone levels is an innate talent, Testosterone therapy in general the situation completely to normal.

are not diseases themselves, rather point out that it is usually a disease or a physical change in the hormonal balance, for example. Gynecomastia occurs in various forms, and can have different causes, which is explained in detail below.


The most obvious symptom of a Gynecomastia is the reproduction of breast size. While the mammary glands, increase on one or both sides. This process is usually not painful, just some patients feel pain, tension or excitement. Other patients report higher sensitivity of the chest, some of the movement restrictions. Gynecomastia is rising but above all without complaints. The problem is to find the cause of the growth of the breast in men. Depending on the cause, some associated symptoms. Therefore, the cause of the research is so important.

Not to mention is the psychological burden that comes with an increase in the scope of the chest or the breasts of many men.

Causes and risk factors

The spectrum of the causes of Gynecomastia is very wide and goes from harmless to serious diseases.

(a) due to age Endocrinology

Endocrine, hormonal balance error is the most common cause of the growth of breasts in men. In addition to the male hormone testosterone, each man also a certain amount of estrogen in your body, so the female sex hormones.

It increases the levels of estrogen in men, it can cause breast growth. All natural processes in the body may be responsible for the increase is no more concern: for about 60 percent of all male infants have an accent of the chest, which disappears after some time. During puberty, which can occur in the time major changes hormones in the body, in addition to gynecomastia. This change is usually also formed from behind only. In the era of testosterone production can return among men, so begin breast growth. Excess weight has always been to age-related processes.

(b) because of the Endocrinology lifestyle

Endocrine disorders, leading to the growth of the male breast, may occur as a result of drugs, consumption of alcohol or drugs or enter instructions but process associated with hereditary failure in the body.

Overweight (obesity) can also lead to endocrine disorders, which is responsible for the growth of breasts in men.

can also indicate a serious illness. Thus, for example, damage the liver or kidneys can be the cause of the growth of the breast.

Eating disorders, leading to a State of under nutrition of the body, is also a possible cause, because it is possible a massive testosterone levels decrease, which can also affect liver function.

and tumors can be another cause. Breast cancer that can occur in men than in women, is also a possible trigger for the growth of the breast. In this case, the growth is, however, almost always unilateral and painful.

If the growth of breasts in men are dangerous or harmless, only a doctor can find more studies and a detailed consultation for the patient, can be much different from theof the personal and physical reasons.

Hormonal, age-related errors are not cause for concern and disappears almost always alone again.

The patient is overweight or invalid dance for abuse breast growth is responsible, that it will help change the life.

In physics, that the heavy diseases such as kidney or liver, the medical problems to decide what to do next to address the causes of the growth of the breast.

Gynecomastia is harmless, no additional action is required, but almost always male suffering from chest looking women. Under these circumstances, hormone replacement therapy, you can solve the problem of the administration of the drug. For patients with very high mental suffering qualify surgery that controversial hormone therapy, which removes excess fatty tissue in the chest.

When sports nickname Gynecomastia is recommended in General. If Gynecomastia in spite of all precautions and treatments do not back, and the psychological burden is very important, surgery is performed by a surgeon. This is excess fat removed after case or gland tissue through a small incision in the lower portion of the breast wart removed.

Avoid gynecomastia

Prevent can be especially a pseudo Gynecomastia after sports and a healthy diet. In General, it is possible that expansion occurs naturally and temporary. In relation to the liver, kidneys and general health, including Gynecomastia be avoided. You should also take hormones or drugs change the hormone shot an enlargement of the mammary gland tissue knowingly or take. Even after surgical removal of tissue suitable more prevention, because it is against only the symptom, but maybe not the cause.

The drug should be taken after determination of the cause through the medical help and diagnosis in accordance with the selected treatment method. Sport more without finding that not recommended doctor, because other causes can be the basis of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) Symptoms


Gynecomastia (male breast hypertrophy)

Gynecomastia Symptoms

Single-Sided or double-sided non-cancerous diseases enlargement of the male breast, especially during puberty (higher prevalence-recommended: instance: h-13-14J).) Glandular breast tissue and fat tissue that surrounds the nipple of the extension can be affected. Component (FAT, glandular tissue/nipple) is particularly affected, it is individually different. The size of the body in the mammary glands clarified with ultrasound.

That causes the typical expansion of Gynecomastia with an imbalance of substance in mammary glands between the levels of the hormone estrogen and androgen is), i.e. between the male and female sex hormones.

Growth (proliferation) dense connective tissue gland channels and associated with a proliferation of cells that make up the and the (ductal wall hyperplasia) is reflected in the glandular tissue.

Enlargement of the mammary glands can be caused by an excess of female (estrogen excess) or the absence of male hormones (androgens) (Klinefelters syndrome, often because of the of the liver-cirrhosis-liver is responsible for the metabolism of estrogen). Times have observed cases of Hermaphroditism, or in the case of severe malnutrition) Gynecomastia.

Nickname Gynecomastia in obesity is also called gynecomastia, which is caused by excess fatty tissue.

Small physiological hypertrophy occurs in the neonatal period (3 life day; by the still existing maternal hormones, which reverberate still) and in puberty. Surgery of the childhood and youth, must therefore often take care of the patient group. A mental burden may be due to the enlargement of the mammary glands in males during puberty, which can be postponed.

The extension of the single-sided or double-sided (palpation: rubber-designed oval breast or disk-shaped gland tissue) of the male breast. In conjunction with breast augmentation, with around the nipple areola can also be much higher.

Painful breast engorgement is common among pubescent boys. (“Shirts gland, swelling, nipple, T-friction extrusion”).

A sample (palpation) with the feel of a piece of elastic substance that the body in the mammary glands. The substance in the mammary glands-touch-more present is surrounded by fatty tissue, and is therefore not available for exclusive fat gynecomastia.

As an important investigation, an ultrasound of the breast, testicle (tumor/abnormal reductions) and liver (cancer/cirrhosis) must be performed.

In addition, also known as “a State” hormonal (testosterone, hCG, LH, estradiol), Karyotyping (Klinefelter Syndrome), and medications to the examination of the testicles, it lives. The doctor decides what tests are appropriate, or should be.

Development-natural (physiological) followed by the Gyno recommended 3-6 months for observation of regression 1. Psychological stress can be considerable in different forms of enlargement of the mammary glands and should not be overlooked. High disease pressure may require a surgical reduction in the mammary glands.

  • Indications for the operation:
  • The diagnosis of visible ultrasound of mammary gland tissue
  • The feeling of tension with pain
  • Psychological stress
  • Stages of operation/operation:

Elimination of pure fat (liposuction) is too small and not with typical gynecomastia.

If you want to remove the actual expansion of the mammary glands and, possibly, is the nipple to reduce the size is also important. The removal of the tissues of mammary glands on the surface of the Big Mama of the muscle (subcutaneous total mastectomy as the van to the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle m.) through a semi-circular opening of the skin at the edge of the nipple (circular incision around the nipple semi periareolare). The distance should be designed much of the connective and adipose tissue, blood vessels under the remains of the nipple, therefore is not damaged.

According to professor technique: in cases serious reduction called in youth is necessary, with Prof. has developed a special method. The nipple is reduced and healing of tissue in the mammary glands with eliminates excess skin “lobe-shaped. A longitudinal scar extending linear nipple after under continued removal of the breast tissue.

Male breasts breast/man/Gynecomastia-causes

tits and man-leads: female impressive breasts male breast enlargement-colloquially the chest or man-can have different causes. It is very often the gunfight on the growth of the body in the mammary glands caused by hormonal fluctuations with an overload overweight female hormones (estrogen) or hypersensitivity of the body of the gland as estrogen in the body of the common man.

Most of this Gynakomastien is valid for the disease, in the newborn or in puberty and it can disappear in this period of development also often spontaneously. Depending on what stage of life or age and how the breast enlargement occurs, must be the accuracy of the differential diagnosis because basically that pathological process can trigger the growth of the breast.

Man chest or breasts man without value of illness (physiological Gynakomastien): expected neonatal Gynecomastia, which is based on the effect of mother of estrogens (female hormones from the blood of the mother) and spontaneously again formed a few weeks after the birth.

The beginnings of the formation of estrogen during puberty can cause also generally imbalance held 2-3 years (estrogen) female to male hormones (testosterone). It can also be also a sensitivity of breast tissue to the female hormones, so also a man’s chest/the chest of a man can be caused. These types of Gynecomastia usually significant regression.

Adult Advanced (60-70 years, the so-called phase of menopause), Gynecomastia can be triggered by a synthesis of age-related decline in testosterone, because here the synthesis of estrogen outweigh held.

Breast man or man boobs with the value of the disease (secondary the reasons could be a minor effect or the production of testosterone because of the reduced formation of the testicles (hypogonadism), error synthesis of testosterone, or secondary testicular insufficiency (weakness of synthesis) with the production of estrogen increases relative to the end here.

Lung Tumors, tumors of the digestive tract, Uremia (high levels of urea in the blood) and hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) are other diseases that can cause Gynecomastia due to an increase in estrogen.

They can take certain drugs or anabolic steroids, as well as causes hair growth tonic questioned kick, drinking beer or eating marijuana comes as the program, for example, that contain hormones.

In the end, an increase in the synthesis of estrogen can be triggered by testicular tumors that can occur already in puberty.

A benign fatty tissue (Lipoma) tumour or malignancy of (breast cancer) is mainly characterized by the appearance of a page, fast growth and laziness. Especially cancer occurs in men, especially in the age of the older person and in any case should be clarified before the surgery.

Forms of Gynecomastia: breasts man and man boobs can have different forms.

Enlargement of the mammary gland tissue is rare. In most cases, the file regardless of total body weight or existing obesity, adipose tissue in varying quantities, in addition to the expansion of the mammary gland body. A larger accumulation of fat tissue in the breast without the instruction to the growth of the body of the gland is known as pseudogynecomastia. It is usually in force or overweight with serves of an accumulation of fatty tissue (in the chest).

The accumulation is dependent on the age of the mass of male man chest boobs are:

The advance of age adult (60-70 years, what is called menopausal stage)

Characteristics/breakdown: the expression of the form and size of the Gynecomastia is very variable, with the increase in chest (consists of glands or/fat tissue) at the same time increases the amount of excess skin. Gynecomastia can vary from a subtle expression with the increase in low volume behind the nipple and tension increased marginal skin only woman is similar to hanging breasts with large nipples, remove excess skin and more significant amounts of fat and glandular tissue. Gynecomastia can occur on both sides, more rarely on one page.

For the exact medical classification, there are various ratings that take into account the relationship between the excess skin and volume.

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Pictures of various forms of


Male breasts breast/man/

Human breasts and man-symptoms-chest: can be associated with a hypersensitivity and rarely painful character of the gland body pressure or movement. In addition, occurs more physical complaints only in some cases. But the pressure is in the foreground, psychosocial that are usually in all its forms and in all age groups so important. This is especially impressive to hit adolescence adult or young age.

Often they are affected by beautiful breasts-breast or chest of the human human the so-called-social isolation. Prevents the normal wear and tear and attitude change shirts often ej to hide her breasts enlarged under clothes. Visit of public facilities such as swimming pool, etc. be avoided, often because of sports activities Gynakomastien for sport and diet does not affect is completely. Weight gain and extra fat tissue in the chest can be the result. In the end, fear Association or relationship problems can also occur because the female breast enlargement.

Male breasts breast/man/Gynecomastia-diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Man tits and breast men-diagnosis and differential diagnosis: first and most important diagnostic measure is the collection of history or subsequent physical examination of the upper part of the naked body. In the case of a man’s chest/Gynecomastia, enlarged gland body is smooth limited to differentiate breast underlying many muscles “release” and plain buttons around fatty tissue.

Limits broadcast and without the ability to see the body of the gland, the appearance of a page of the conclusions or the appearance in the adult age is later regardless of suspects and should be clarified.

Including the story depends on the extension of diagnostic tests, if it is a slowly progressive puberty or breast surgery can quickly took place after puberty. In the first case is a detailed history and examination of the physical findings are usually sufficient. By Gynecomastia after puberty mainly on the advance age, partial results or the appearance of the /breast man and other symptoms should be a proper medical assessment.

Other diagnostic measures include the implementation of mammography, about the quality and the amount of a body can be enlarged gland; In addition, an endocrinological examination, including information about the hormone levels in the blood. If you are in doubt, is a survey bi-optica of fabric than a malignant tumor in the chest indicated in rare cases before Gynecomastia finally given especially in patients with results recently added in the advanced adult.

Removed the breast tissue is used for normal operation of Gynecomastia doubt histological examination (histology).

Considered just a drug or a drug history.

For young men with a bruise on his chest man/against or after puberty Gynecomastia will also consider rarely lead a testicular tumor. Here is just a Urologic evaluation more like and hormones.